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Survival Equipment, Don't Be Without It!

George Maher, Former Agricultural Safety Specialist

Travel in the upper midwest can be risky during the winter months. It is always wise to be prepared - just in case. Safety preparations for trips out of town include equipping the vehicle with things you may need if you become stranded.

Three groups of survival equipment you may need include; Trunk Equipment, Passenger Compartment Equipment, and Survival Kit Equipment. You may not need everything these lists mention, but if you are stranded and don't have a particular item then you can't use it when you need it the most.

What to put In the car trunk or p/u topper?

  • sleeping bag

  • blankets

  • spare coats, mittens, boots, hats

  • red or blaze orange signal cloth strips

  • medium-sized snow shovel

  • jumper cables

  • tow chain

  • tire chains

What to keep in the car or p/u cab

  • maps & compass

  • snow brush/ice scraper

  • gas line antifreeze

  • flashlight and spare batteries

  • repair tools (pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrench)

  • 100 foot 3/8 inch rope

  • drinking water (1 gal/person)

  • high energy food

  • cellular phone or CB radio

  • reading materials

  • deck of cards

  • hand warmers (chemical type)

  • fire extinguisher

  • sterno & stove

  • Dakota Heater or equivalent

  • toilet paper in a can (toilet)

  • roll of paper towels

Survival kit in a tackle box

  • diapers & sanitary supplies

  • 50 foot strong cord

  • high energy food

  • bouillon cubes

  • clean empty tin cans (cups)

  • roll of duct tape

  • cigarettes (if needed)

  • matches (large wood type)

  • candles and sterno

  • hand warmers (chemical type)

  • aspirin or equivalent

  • perscription medicines

  • sun glasses

  • tissues

  • wet towelettes (Wet Ones)

  • paper & pencils

  • pocket knife

  • scissors

  • first aid kit

  • thread & needle

  • chap stick

  • first aid & CPR book

The items to be stored in the trunk of the automobile do not have to be stored together, put them in the nooks and crannies not often used for storage.

The items stored inside the vehicle can be nested in a container and also stored in miscellaneous places such aas under the seats and on the rear deck or behind the seat of the pickup truck.

The survival kit items should be stored in a fishing tackle box which has many compartments to keep things orderly. Most of the items are small, and easy to store, they will take up very little space. The tackle box should be clearly labelled as a survival kit, and should be in the vehicle for every trip!

Having all of these materials with you when you become stranded will not always guarantee survival, BUT they will certainly improve your chances of survival. Be prepared - be a survivor!

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