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Stalled... But Safe

What to Do If Caught in a Storm

Expect to spend three days in the car! Therefore, plan to use your resources gradually. Be organized in what you do. Take time to consider each step carefully. STAY IN THE CAR! Your chances of survival are much, much better if you do. Call an emergency number on the cellular phone; or periodically call for help with the CB radio if you have one. Use channel 9, the emergency channel on your CB, or other channels where you may hear local conversation. Bad weather may cause freak transmissions and poor reception.

If possible, position the car so it faces into the wind. The car was designed to be warmest when headed in this direction. Be sure that the exhaust is free of snow and check it periodically if you use the engine for heat. Otherwise, STAY IN THE CAR!

  • Tie a colorful, red preferably, banner on the car antenna. Tie a nylon cord or rope to the car and yourself if you must leave the vehicle for any distance during the storm. This will help to ensure your return.
  • Move all of your emergency supplies from the trunk to the interior of the car as soon as you realize you will be staying for a while. Put on the warm clothing NOW, before you get cold. It is easier to stay warm than it is to regain lost warmth. Loosen tight clothing so body heat can circulate. Remove metal jewelry as it can chill you.
  • Check your supplies to see what you have to work with and when you can plan on using it. Arrange supplies in order for their use.
  • Manage your heating systems carefully. Make sure everyone knows what is be done and how it is being done.
  • Listen to weather reports on the radio. Prepare to send signals for help if road or rescue crews are reported to be in your vicinity. Flashing lights and horns can be effective for a distance if the wind has died down.
  • Now, RELAX AND TAKE IT EASY! Whatever you were planning on attending or visiting, stop worrying about it � you are not going to get there in time. It must be accepted that you will not be going anyplace for a while, so enjoy the opportunity for some free time.
  • A tip from cold weather campers -- eat a snack of high calorie food just before sleeping to stimulate your metabolism (heat production). If you awaken due to the cold, eat some more high energy food and add another layer of insulation such as more clothing or a blanket. These campers survive � so can you!


Clothing To Bring Along -- Winter coats or parkas, balaclava, insulated gloves, stocking cap, insulated footwear, heavy socks, sleeping bag or quilts.

Emergency Food Supplies -- High energy breads or pastry, drinking or distilled water, breakfast bars, nuts, fruit, high energy candy bars. Keep these items warm, not frozen.

Medical Supplies -- Toilet paper and large can, facial tissues, first aid kit, prescription medical supplies, tooth brush and tooth paste. Keep these items warm, not frozen.

Entertainment Materials -- A variety of magazines, paperback book, personal tape/CD player, small radio, fresh spare batteries, stationery, pen or pencil.

Supplemental Heaters -- Roll of toilet paper saturated with antifreeze (ethylene glycol) in large coffee can, multi-wick candle unit, box of kitchen matches. Use these items with extreme care.
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