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Stalled... But Safe

Water and Food Supplies

If you don't take anything else along, carry a gallon of clean water. A lack of water can cause dehydration, a dangerous state. The body's most important need is clean, drinkable water.

You'll need to drink one to two quarts of water per day. This can include other liquids such as soft drinks, fruit juice, liquids from canned goods, coffee, tea, cocoa, or bouillon, but not alcoholic beverages. Melted snow should be used only if necessary and then it must be warm. Cold drinks will use up precious body heat; don't drink them. One gallon of fresh water should be available for each person traveling.

Some emergency food should be taken along even though a healthy person can go without food for up to 30 days. Most storms will last only two to three days, so vast stores of food are not really necessary. Food is a great morale builder.

For three days for each person you should carry along:

  • One gallon of clean water
  • Six cups of gorp (2 cups raisins, 2 cups peanuts, 2 cups chocolate chips or M&Ms)
  • 18 pieces of fresh fruit. Choose from bananas, apples, oranges, pears, etc.
  • Canned goods may be brought along with the can opener!
  • 18 bread items such as cupcakes, sweet rolls, or doughnuts.

Each day, eat up to two cups of gorp, six pieces of fruit, and six bread items (not all in one serving). This food intake will provide approximately 2,700 calories per day.

Food and water should be kept inside the car to prevent freezing. Select foods to match the tastes and diets of the people traveling. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided but tobacco products should be provided for those who really need them. Survival during a storm is not the time to quit smoking, cold turkey! Alcoholic beverages dull the senses, impair judgment and affect the activity of the consumer — none of which is needed in a survival situation. A sober person is warmer, too.

Photo of emergency food supplies.

Emergency Food Supplies - High energy breads or pastry, drinking or distilled water, breakfast bars, nuts, fruit, high energy candy bars.  Keep these items warm, not frozen.  

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