Winter Storm Informaton


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Stalled... But Safe


Stranded VehicleOnly the worst forecasts seem to keep many people at home during the wintertime. Fortunately, most of the people who venture out make it to their destination safe and sound. However, there are always those who become stranded temporarily, and sometimes uncomfortably, for several hours or days as a blizzard rages. Occasionally the storm takes its toll, and reports of deaths hit the headlines.

Traveling during the winter months, in the Upper Midwest, without planning and being prepared for bad weather can be dangerous and risky. If car trouble develops or an emergency is encountered, travelers may not be able to survive an extended period of time without the basics of shelter, food, and clothing. Survival can be difficult when man is pitted against nature.

Several problems are caused or aggravated by low temperatures and wind. The wind can increase the effects of the cold as it lowers the skin temperature even more. For instance, if the temperature is 30 degrees and there is a wind of 15 miles per hour, exposed flesh will feel an effective temperature of 19 degrees. Then when the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees and the wind rises to 30 mph, the effective temperature on bare flesh will be 39 degrees below zero! Bare flesh will freeze very quickly!

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