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Stalled... But Safe

Exercises To Do

As you sit in the car, your body will burn up about 2,700 calories per day if you're a male weighing 175 pounds or 1,700 calories if you're a 120 pound woman. At 155 pounds, you'll need roughly 2,400 (male) or 2,100 (female) calories.

As you move about, calories stored in your body are burned, providing energy to do work plus creating a good amount of heat. This heat warms you and the area around you.

Exercise, therefore, will heat both you and the vehicle. lt will also loosen cramped muscles. Here are some to try. Use the minimums if you are not in the habit of exercising. Repeat exercises approximately every hour and a half.

NECK ROTATION -- Lean head toward left shoulder and rotate back, right, front, and left. Return in opposite direction. Repeat three to four times.

NECK EXTENSION -- Lace fingers behind your head. Push head back as hands resist. Do with head bent forward, straight, and back. Resist for six seconds at each place, counting 1001, 1002, etc., for each second.

ELBOW PULL -- With the other hand, gently pull your elbow behind your head to stretch back of arm and shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds. Then pull other elbow. Repeat two to three times.

HAND PULL -- With elbows at shoulder height, hook hands together in front and pull out. Hold for five seconds, then repeat two to three times.

HAND PUSH -- This time, push hands together as described above.

LEG SQUEEZES -- Place feet 18 inches apart as you sit. Cross the arms and place left palm on inside of right knee and right palm on inside of left knee. Squeeze legs together and resist with hands. Do once.

LEG SPREADERS -- Sit as above. Place right palm on outside of right knee and left palm on outside of left knee. Spread knees apart and resist with hands. Do once.

GROIN STRETCH -- Bring your feet up to the seat cushion. Put soles of feet together, hands across them. Pull forward to stretch the groin and back. Lean on your knees, but don t bounce. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat two to three times.

HAMSTRING STRETCH -- Stretch out the left leg. Fold right leg with the foot near inner left thigh. Attempt to grab left ankle and stretch. Relax and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for other leg. Repeat two to three times.

LOW BACK STRETCHER -- Sit sideways with your feet straight out on the cushion. Bend one knee and grasp this leg and pull it toward your chest as you curl your shoulder and head toward the knee. Hold for three to four seconds. Return leg to cushion. Repeat for the other leg. Alternate two to four times for each leg.

CURL UPS -- Sit sideways on the seat with knees bent and feet flat on cushion. Lie back as far as possible. With hands behind the head, curl up to a sitting position. Repeat three to four times.

SITTING TUCK -- Sit sideways on the cushion, back to the door, with legs bent. Extend legs straight out with heels off the cushion. Return to tuck position. Repeat five to fifteen times.

These exercises can provide some variety during the hours you may be stranded. If there is more than one person in the car it may be interesting to complete the exercises, including moving around the vehicle to get into position. Open the car doors as little as possible so as not to lose any of the accumulated heat during the storm.

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