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Stalled... But Safe

Clothing and Bedding

Warm clothing and bedding reduces body heat loss, making it easier to maintain a safe, comfortable body temperature. There are several ways to reduce heat loss.

Stay in the vehicle. This eliminates the wind chill factor; there is no wind in the car to blow away body heat. The chance of hypothermia is greatly reduced also.

Wear clothing in layers. One heavy coat is not as effective at maintaining body heat as is a number of layers of clothing. It is also easier to keep from overheating since clothing can be taken off a layer at a time. There must be an air space between the layers; the clothing must be loose. Stuffing your foot with several socks on into a tight fitting boot will not be as effective as fewer socks or a larger boot. Mittens are always warmer than gloves since all the fingers share the heat.

Keep dry! Moisture is very effective at carrying away body heat when it evaporates. Replace damp socks with dry ones to keep your feet warm and dry. Avoid exercise that brings on a sweat, however slight it may be. A chill or shiver results in a loss of body heat that is difficult to regain. It is essential to keep dry, even more difficult in a storm with wet snow.

Take advantage of whatever insulation you might have. Sitting on layers of newspaper can help. Insulate between yourself and the car door with layers of newspaper. However, take extreme care if you must smoke! Foam pads, wooly sheepskin (real or fake), blankets, even a reflective space blanket will help to keep you warm. If you have it use it!

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