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2010 Issues

December 2010 Issue

Winter is here, and the cold weather often keeps us indoors. We may prefer to stay warm and cozy in front of a TV or computer with some snack foods. Watching TV and using a computer are ways to be entertained, learn new things and communicate. However, too much “screen time” is linked with weight gain. I use a lot of packaged foods such as rice or pasta mixes when serving my family dinner. I’ve heard they’re often high in sodium. What could I use in place of these packaged side dishes that still have flavor and are not time-consuming to prepare? Baked Meatballs Recipe!

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November 2010 Issue

Slow Cooking Adds Up to Quick Meals. Save Time and Money. Buying a slow cooker is a bit of an investment. Most recipes can be converted to cooking in your slow cooker. I sometimes make a large pot of chili to use during the week. How should I store and reheat the leftovers? Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

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October 2010 Issue

We all “fast” for seven or more hours a night when we sleep. If you feel a little sluggish when you miss your morning meal, you have a good reason. You’re running your “engine” on empty. I always have the same thing for breakfast: a piece of toast and coffee. I’m usually hungry by 10 a.m., so I grab a candy bar from the machine at work. Do you have any ideas? Cinnamon French Toast Recipe.

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September 2010 Issue

Do you ever get a little hungry between meals? Do your kids or grandkids ask for snacks? Do you ever run out of ideas about what to serve at home or what to send along for school snacks? I have a lot of apples on my tree, and I would like to dehydrate some. Do I need to buy a food dehydrator? A food dehydrator works well for drying food and uses less energy than an oven, but you can use your oven. Trail Mix recipe.

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August 2010 Issue

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about overweight and obesity in the news. According to a recent report, about two of three people are overweight or obese. Being overweight places people at greater risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint problems and other health issues.

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July 2010 Issue

Preserve the Season and Enjoy Garden Produce All Year; We spend a lot of time outside, and the weather has been very hot lately. How do you know if you are dehydrated? How much water should we be drinking? Watermelon, Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe.

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June 2010 Issue

Summer’s here! With warmer weather and fresh vegetables from local gardens, we can take steps to healthier habits.

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May 2010 Issue

What Do the Dates On Food Products Mean, Anyway? Best Fresh Produce Buys for May. Fruit Salad Recipe I just noticed that a carton of eggs in my refrigerator has a “sell-by” date that passed a week ago. How long can I use them? I usually bring my lunch to work. I see some people heating food in plastic margarine containers and Styrofoam boxes. Is that safe?

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April 2010 Issue

Think Spring! Add Some Greens to Your Plate; My vegetables seem to go “bad” before I have a chance to use them. My potatoes get sprouts, my lettuce gets limp and my frozen vegetables get frosty. What do you suggest? Chicken & Vegetables Stir Fry Recipe

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March 2010 Issue

March is National Nutrition Month. How Do You and Your Family Score on Healthy Eating? My family doesn’t eat as well as I would like. They don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Do you have any ideas? Tips to Try. How Long Are My Leftover Foods Good? Menu Idea: Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas, carrot and jicama sticks with low-fat ranch dressing, fruit kabobs (apple chunks and canned pineapple chunks), fat-free milk.

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February 2010 Issue

Fiber isn’t a “miracle food,” but adding fiber-rich foods to your diet can have health benefits. High-fiber foods usually are low in calories and inexpensive, too. I’ve been hearing about vitamin D in the news lately. What is it? Where do you get it? Vitamin D works with calcium and other nutrients to build and maintain strong bones throughout life. Researchers are finding that getting enough vitamin D may play a role in helping prevent certain kinds of cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression and several other diseases.

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January 2010 Issue

For safety, you need to throw perishable leftovers that weren’t put in the refrigerator. Food should be refrigerated within two hours. Some types of bacteria produce toxins that survive reheating, even boiling. Why is fiber so important? How much do adults and kids need? Quick and Easy Chili recipe.

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