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CROP IMPROVEMENT - SEED INCREASE - North Dakota Crop Improvement & Seed Association

NDCISA is a non-profit organization that is striving to improve crop practices and to make the seed readily available for farmers. We are constantly researching and educating so that we can eventually advance the crop production practices. We also help crop producers with legislative matters regarding the process of distributing their crops. Times are becoming difficult for the average farmer, so North Dakota Crop Improvement & Seed Association is focused on uniting the agricultural community. #NDSEEDINCREASEPROGRAM

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FEEDLIST - NDSU FeedList - Resource for Buyers and Sellers

The FeedList can help connect producers that are looking for hay and other feedstuffs to those with ample supply. NDSU’s FeedList helps livestock producers find the extra feed they need.Many livestock producers in North Dakota are short on forage following a long, cold winter and late spring that depleted forage supplies says Miranda Meehan, North Dakota State University Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist. Supplies in some areas have been further exasperated due to low forage production, resulting from cool temperature and drought.Farmers and ranchers who have feedstuff such as hay, cover crops or corn for sale can list it on NDSU’s FeedList website, which is designed to connect feed sellers and buyers. Producers also may list pasture they have for rent.The FeedList, at https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/feedlist, shows what each seller has for sale, how the feed is stored (large round bales, small bales, etc.) and the seller's contact information. Prospective buyers can select what they want to buy and contact the sellers. Using the FeedList is free of charge. Anyone who wants to buy or receive, or has feed to sell or donate can complete an online form at the site. Those who need entry help can contact an the NDSU Extension Williams County Office in Williston. office. All entries will be deleted automatically after 90 days. Buyers and sellers who no longer need the FeedList's services before that should contact the Feedlist coordinator, Elizabeth Cronin, at elizabeth.cronin@ndsu.edu to have the entry removed.

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FARM BILL - Farm Bill Payment Calculator Available for 2019 Cash Flow Estimates - NEW

A calculator developed by North Dakota State University Extension to help producers estimate the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) payments they may receive in 2019 is available online. REVISED APRIL 9, 2019 Visit www.ag.ndsu.edu/farmmanagement/farm-bill or search for "NDSU farm bill."

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Grazing Calculator - (A tool provided by the North Dakota Department of Trust Lands) NEW

The Grazing Calculator is a tool that will calculate the estimated days of grazing for the livestock that you might want to graze on selected tracts of school trust land. The results show the estimated number of days of grazing based on the condition of the pasture not accounting for weather and previous years of drought. Adjustments to the estimated days of grazing would need to be made for poor weather conditions and recent drought. - Updated 4.9.19

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RANGE & FORAGE - NDSU Range and Forage Production Sample Kits **Posted 10.18.2019

The most accurate way to calculate the available standing forage for grazing is the clip and weigh method. This publication provides detailed instructions on calculating forage production.

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