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2009 Crop & Pest Reports

September 17 Report
Crop & Pest Report Satisfaction Survey; Soybean Aphids Moving Back to Buckthorn; Sap Beetles Observed in Field Corn; Subsurface Drainage; Prospects for Late Maturing Corn; Why Protein Content Matters in Hard Red Spring? Broadleaf Crop Disease Recap: Implications for Next Year; Nitrogen Losses this Spring and Consequences this Fall; Fertilizer Trends; Fall Herbicide Applications; Weather & Climate
August 27 Report
Increased Risk of Soybean Aphids on K-Deficient Soybeans; Swath Grain with Heavy Infestations of Wheat Stem Sawfly; Biological Control of Canada Thistle; Sunflower Yield Estimation; Sprout Damage and Falling Numbers in Wheat; Now Is the Time to Manage Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus; Summary of Wheat and Barley Disease Surveys - 2009; Dry Edible Bean Rust Confirmed in North Dakota; Winter Wheat on Prevented Plant Acres; Soil Sampling Strategies this Fall; More Possible Restrictions from Herbicide Re-Registration; Recognizing Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds; Hornet Season Is Here! Weather & Climate.
August 13 Report
Sunflower Midge Returns; Cabbage Maggot Root Injury Observed in Canola; Grasshopper Update; Scout for Red Sunflower Seed Weevil; Row Spacing and Light Interception; Time to Prepare for Winter Wheat Planting; Winter Wheat and Fungicide Results, Lisbon, ND, 2009; Sunflower Rust Update; Spring Strip-Till in Heavy Soil?; Potassium Problems Increase; Mid-late Season Nutrient Issues; Soil Sampling after Harvest;Late-Season Scouting – Why Are Weeds Present in a Field?? Hand-Weeding – Why Is it Important? Late-Season Glyphosate Applications in Roundup Ready Sugarbeet; Emerald Ash Borer Position Statement
July 29 Report
Soybean Aphids Slowly Increasing; Spider Mites Starting to Show up in Soybeans; Grasshopper Alert; Blister Beetles on Canola;Cereal Grain Aphids Continue; Scout for Banded Sunflower Moth; Sunflower Development and Growing Degree Days; Applying Glyphosate Pre-Harvest in Small-Grains; Sunflower Rust Update; Scout for Dry Edible Bean Rust; NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab Periodic Report;
July 23 Report
Time to Get Grain Bins Ready for Harvest; Swath Grain with Heavy Infestations of Wheat Stem Sawfly; Soybean Aphid Scouting Update; Lodging in Small Grains; Green Snap in Corn; Field Pea Relay Cover Crop; NDSU IPM Field Survey Update; White-Tipped Awns in Wheat; Soybean Leaf Blemishes; Around the State.
July 16 Report
Entomology; Scout for Soybean Aphids; Colorado Potato Beetle Activity on Potato; Bean Leaf Beetles in Soybeans; Hessian Fly Infestation in Northeastern North Dakota; Sunflower Insect Trap Network for Banded Sunflower Moth and Sunflower Moth; Aphids on Field Peas; Bee Alert! Protect Our Honey Bees When Spraying Insecticides in Flowering Crops; Sunflower Maggots in Sunflowers.
July 9 Report
Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus (WSMV); Soybean Rust/Aphid Scouting Begins in Sentinel Plots this Week; Dry Bean Disease/Insect Survey Will Begin This Week; Sunflower Rust Update; Protein Enhancement for Spring Wheat/Durum; Around the State.
July 2 Report
Insect Scouting Updates; NDSU IPM Field Survey Update - July 1; Wheat Leaf Rust; NDSU Disease Forecasting Site Shows Reduced Head Scab Risk, but Still Tan Spot Risk; Some Preliminary Winter Wheat Disease Observations; Sclerotinia May Be a Threat to Canola this Year.
June 25 Report
Scout for Alfalfa Weevils in Second Cutting; Insect Scouting Updates; Cover Crops for "Prevented Planting" Acres.
June 18 Report
Migratory Insects Arrive in North Dakota; Spraying for Wheat Stem Maggot in Wheat; Tent Caterpillars Active in ND and MN; Sugarbeet Root Maggot Flies Emerging; Buckwheat; Sunflower Rust Update; Around the State.
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