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Nourishing Boomer Classes To Begin - Reasons to Be Proud of 4-H

Published November 9, 2014
Nourishing Boomer Classes To Begin - Reasons to Be Proud of 4-H

Nourishing Boomers and Beyond

Nourishing Boomers Classes To Begin

NDSU Extension Agents across the state have been offering a series of nine free monthly classes which focus on strategies to keep our hearts, brains, bones, joints, skin and other body systems healthy throughout life.  The classes are designed to provide people age 50 and older with information and know-how to reduce their risk of developing chronic disease.

Because I fit into this age category I attended many of the series of nine classes.  I found them very informative and believe any adult can benefit.

My wife, Mary, who also serves at the NDSU Extension Family Consumer Science Agent, teaches the classes.  Although I might be biased, she did a good job of making the class’s fun and interactive even though she tries to convince me to change some of my life styles during other times of the day.

Her first class of the second-go-round is scheduled to start this coming Thursday, November 13th.  She starts the classes at 12:10 pm and completes them by 12:50 pm.  This allows working adults to utilize their noon lunch break.  All of the meetings will be held in the Broadway Commons Building at 302 East Broadway.  This building is located across the street, southeast of the Williams County Law Enforcement Center.

Each of the nine classes covers a different topic.  Thursday’s class will focus on diets and lifestyles to improve brain health.  You will learn about oxidative damage control, eating heart healthy is the same as eating for brain health and ways to help your memory.

The program “Nourishing Boomers and Beyond” has a website www.ndsu.edu/boomers.  Information presented during these classes can be obtained at this site which also offers free monthly newsletters.  Mary also has a Facebook page allowing interaction with individuals.  The address for this is www.facebook.com/williamscountyextension.  She is now on Pinterest at “Nourishboomers”.

Reasons to Be Proud of 4-H

During the first week of October Mary and I attended the annual conference of NDSU Extension staff.  There we heard some very good news about our nation’s 4-H program.  This wonderful news came from Richard Lerner who is the Director of Institute for Research in Youth Development at Tufts University located in Medford, Massachusetts.  He spoke on a program called Positive Youth Development (PYD) and gave us a report regarding research study on the impacts of the 4-H program.

The findings of this research proves that participation in 4-H has a significant positive impact on young people.  The research report indicated that when compared to their peers, young people in 4-H are: 1) nearly four times more likely to contribute to their communities; 2) two times more likely to pursue healthy behaviors; and 3) two times more likely to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs in their out-of-school time.    

The 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development assessed the key components of positive youth development, which is the “Five Cs” of positive development – competence, confidence, character, connection and caring/compassion.  The study also found that the factors representing the “Five Cs” of PYD lead to a sixth C – contribution.

Much of Lerner’s report reminded me of a recent regional and county effort called North Dakota 4-H Helping Hands.  The goal of this effort was to provide North Dakota 4-Hers the opportunity to do service in their local area.  The Williams County 4-Hers chose to assist the Williston Council For the Aging in its effort to provide meals for low income, disable, homebound and isolated seniors.  This effort resulted in the collection of 900 pounds of much needed food.  Our 4-H members and the people who donated the food should feel proud.  I am.

-Warren Froelich

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