Water Quality


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Detergent odor and water foams when drawn. Sometimes I notice a septic odor.

A detergent or septic odor may occur when the water supply is receiving leakage from a sewer system. It is imperative that a bacterial analysis be performed immediately


Treatment: If you test results indicate you have bacterial contamination do not use the water until the source of contamination is found and corrected or removed. If you have to use the water, make sure to either boil it or treat with a disinfectant like iodine or chlorine.


Disinfection of biologically contaminated water supplies is referred to as "shock chlorination".  This will also aid in the removal of tannin and high levels of iron and manganese.


This process is not recommended as a continuous practice for the control of bacteria in private water wells. A new, bacteria free source of water should be found. Additional treatment is required to remove residual chlorine and chlorinated organics.


Click here to watch a video on shock chlorination of your well.

Always have your water tested and base any treatment on those results. Our Water Quality Interpretation Tool will aid you in your decisions.

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