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Equipment Available for Checkout

NDSU Extension Service - Ward County provides equipment available for checkout. Some of the equipment requires a refundable deposit and some is strictly for professionals. 

For the Home:

Moisture Meters    

Make sure you dry out before rebuilding after a flood or you may have mold and other problems. 

Rebuilding too quickly after a flood can cause continuing problems such as mold growth and deterioration of wood and wall coverings," warns Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer and flooding expert.

The NDSU Extension Service's flood website: http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/disaster/flood.html provides information on flood recovery, including a video on restoring flooded buildings and fact sheets on topics such as cleaning your flooded or water-damaged home and drying out before rebuilding.  A video on how to use a moisture meter is available at: http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/flood/home/using-a-moisture-meter-before-rebuilding-video

NDSU Extension Service - Ward County has moisture meters available for people to borrow to help determine if they adequately dried the parts of their homes and other buildings that flooded before they start rebuilding.  Meters can be checked out for 24-48 hours and a $60 deposit is requested, which will be refunded once the meter is returned.  


Infrared Thermometers     

NDSU Extension Service is providing equipment and information to help residents assess areas in their home that may need attention to reduce heating costs and make their home more comfortable.

Ward County Extension office has three infrared thermometers that homeowners can check out to quickly identify places in their home where the outside cold is finding its way indoors.  According to Lori Scharmer, Extension Agent, "The thermometers are easy to use and a great tool for homeowners to search out the areas of their home that may need some attention before the real cold temps hit."

NDSU Extension publication AE-1373, "Determining Insulation and Air Infiltration Levels Using an Infrared Thermometer," can help people learn how to use the thermometer to identify air leaks and get a rough estimate of insulation levels in walls.

The common culprits that most people think of for air leakage are window and doors, but air can leak into and out of the house through a variety of locations, energy experts warn.  Even insulation can allow air leakage.  Insulation types such as fiberglass are not air barriers, so air can pass through these materials easily.  An infrared thermometer can identify those heat loss areas.

Ward County Extension office has a number of publications on adequate insulation levels and proper installation techniques, as well as other tips on how to make a home or farm more energy-efficient.  More information is also available on the NDSU Extension Service's website: www.ndsu.edu/energy. To check out an infrared thermometer, please call our office at (701)857-6444.


For the Farm:

Hay Probe    

Collect forage (hay) samples with ease!  NDSU Extension Service - Ward County has a Hay Probe available for checkout to help you collect forage samples that can then be analyzed to determine nutrient levels. Laboratory analysis is the recommended way to determine forage nutrient content and value.  Useful publications include:

The HayProbe can be checked out for 24-48 hours and a $60 deposit is requested, which is returned when the Hay Probe is returned.  Please call (701)-857-6444 for availability.

Soil Probe     

Collect soil samples with ease!

Do you ever wonder why certain crops don't grow as well in some areas in comparison to other fields?  Checkout and us the Soil Probe from NDSU Extension Service - Ward County to collect samples that can be sent to the NDSU Soil Testing Laboratory to find out why!  Easily collect samples up to 6 inches deep. Useful publications include:

The Soil Probe can be checked out for 24-48 hours and a $60 deposit is requested, which is returned when the Soil Probe is returned.  Please call (701)-857-6444 for availability.


Grazing Monitor Stick Grazing Stick

A Grazing Monitoring Stick can be a fast, user-friendly tool for measuring and monitoring utilization of pasture and rangeland. Utilization measures the percent of the plant that has been removed by grazing animals. Monitoring utilization of grass can determine livestock removal date and prevent overgrazing. 

The Grazing Monitoring Stick can be checked out for 24-48 hours and a $5 deposit is requested, which is returned when the Grazing Monitoring Stick is returned. It can also be purchased for $5 when prior arrangements are made.  Please call (701)-857-6444 for availability


Emerald Ash Borer Identification  Kit

The Emerald ash borer is a beetle (Order Coleoptera). Beetles are recognized by having shell-like front wings called elytra. When the wings are folded, they meet forming a median line down the back. Currently, Emerald ash borer has not been found in North Dakota.

 North Dakota Tree Handbook

The North Dakota Tree Handbook is an officially sanctioned Centennial Trees Program project

Tree Mount Kit


For Parents:

    • Topic Bags
    • Parent Resource Center Library Materials (Books, DVDs, Videos)

For the 4-H'er:

    • GPS Trunk
    • Flip Video Trunk
    • Digital Camera Trunk
    • We-Do Robotics Trunk
    • Hippology Trunk
    • Sewing Machines (2)
    • Meat Judging Flash Cards
    • Horse, Beef, Sheep, Goat, & Swine Learning Lab Kits
    • Horse Judging Videos and DVD’s
    • Poultry Standard of Perfection
    • Rabbit Standard of Perfection

Professional Equipment Available for Checkout:


Nutrition/Food Safety Items

    • Food Models
    • Sugar, Salt, Fat Tubes
    • 1 Pound Muscle Replica
    • 1 Pound Fat Replica
    • Vegetable and Fruit Friends
    • Glo Germ Kit Including Black Light
    • Is It Medicine or Candy? Trunk
    • MyPlate Plate
    • MyPlate Activity Pad
    • Variety of Laminated Posters

Parenting Items

    • Shaken Baby
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