Stretching Towards Better Health
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Stretch Exercises

4. Back of Neck and Shoulder Muscles -
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Sit or stand straight. Tuck chin in and down to chest. Place hands behind head. Gently pull head down to chest. Hold six seconds, then relax and repeat on right side. Repeat sequence four times.

Stretching Exercises

  1. Neck Muscle
  2. Neck Muscle
  3. Back of Neck and Shoulder Muscles
  4. Back of Neck and Shoulder Muscles
  5. Back of Arm
  6. Shoulders and Pectoral (chest) Muscles
  7. Hamstring Muscles (back thigh)
  8. Groin
  9. Upper Hamstring and Buttock Muscles
  10. Quadricep Muscles (front thigh)
  11. Gastrocnemius Muscle (calf)

Donna Terbizan, PhD, Professor
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Julie Garden-Robinson, PhD, LRD, Food and Nutrition Specialist, NDSU Extension Service