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Winter Wheat


Extension Small Grains Homepage Joel Ransom's webpage.  Educational programming links & project updates content. 

NDSU Statewide Variety Trials a centralized place for all NDSU trials

North Dakota Hard Winter Wheat Variety Trial Results for 2019 2018 Guide  2017 Guide  2016 Guide 2015 Guide

Selecting High Quality Seed for Cereal Grains A-500 (2015)

Seeding Date & Late Seeding from Small Grain Field Guide A-290

Winter Wheat Survival from Small Grain Field Guide A-290 and other sources

Seeding Rates & Minimum Stands from Small Grain Field Guide A-290

Small Grains Development Stages using Zadocks, Feekes & Haun

Estimating Wheat Yields from Small Grain Field Guide A-290

Feeding Value of Sprouted Grains AS-647 (2017)



Fertilizing Winter Wheat SF-1448 (2018)

Nitrogen Extenders and Additives SF-1581 (2017)



2020 North Dakota Weed Control Guide W-253  Preharvest Herbicides

Herbicide Timing Chart from 2017 North Dakota Weed Control Guide W-253

Air Temperature Inversions Causes, Characteristics and Potential Effects on Pesticide Spray Drift AE-1705 (2017)



NDSU Extension Entomology - Wheat Janet Knodel's webpage. Contains publications, scouting videos, & insect outlook content.

2020 Field Crop Insect Management Guide E-1143

Integrated Pest Management of Wheat Stem Sawfly E-1479 (2016)

Yearly Wheat Midge Risk Map based on current survey work

Integrated Pest Management of the Wheat Midge in North Dakota E-1330 (2016)

Cereal Leaf Beetle E-1230 (2016)



2020 North Dakota Field Crop Plant Disease Management Guide PP-622

2019 Wheat Fungicide Efficacy Table NCERA-184 a rating comparison of labeled wheat fungicides

NDSU Small Grain Forecasting Model a real-time model forecast for scab, tan spot, blotch & leaf rust based on crop stage and weather

Wheat Disease Identification PP-1552 (2011) 

Fungal Leaf Spot Diseases of Wheat: Tan Spot, Stagonospora nodorum blotch and Septoria tritici blotch PP-1249 (2016) 

Rust Diseases of Wheat in North Dakota PP-1361 (2015)


Crop Drying & Storage

Crop Storage Management AE-791 (1996)

Control Moisture with Natural Air Drying from Small Grains Field Guide A-290

Drying Wheat or Barley with Heat from Small Grains Field Guide A-290

Aerate to Control Grain Temperature from Small Grains Field Guide A-290

Storage of Scab-Infected Grain from Small Grains Field Guide A-290


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