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NDSU Statewide Variety Trials   a centralized place for all NDSU trials

2018 North Dakota Corn Hybrid Trial Results A-793  2017 Guide   2016 Guide   2015 Guide   2014 Guide

Corn Growth and Management Quick Guide A-1173 (2014)

Basics of Corn Production A834 (2019)

Replanting or Late Planting Crops A-934 (2015)

Strip Till for Field Crop Production: Equipment, Production, Economics AE-1370 (2017)

Corn Silage Management AS-1253 (2013)

What is the Value of a Standing Corn Crop for Silage? EC-1343 (2017)  

Stressed or Damaged Crops for Silage Use AS-1256 (2013)

Managing Corn Residue for Beef Cattle Diets AS-1548 (2016)

Selecting a Sprinkler Irrigation System AE-91 (2018)

Bringing Land in the Conservation Reserve Program Back Into Crop Production or Grazing A-1364 (2016)

A Basic Primer of Biotechnology A-1219 (2015)



Extension Soil Science Homepage Dave Franzen's webpage. Educational programming, fertilizer calculators, & project update content.

Corn N Fertilizer Calculator an online app

Corn K Fertilizer Calculator an online app

Soil Fertility Recommendations for Corn SF-722 (2017)

Side-Dressing Fertilizer in Corn

Nitrogen Extenders and Additives SF-1581 (2017)

Corn Response to Phosphorus Starter Fertilizer in North Dakota A-1851 (2017)

Active Optical Sensor Algorithms: How They Work and How They Can Be Used to Calculate N Requirements in the Field SF-1176-5 (2014)



2020 North Dakota Weed Control Guide W-253

Air Temperature Inversions Causes, Characteristics and Potential Effects on Pesticide Spray Drift AE-1705 (2017)

Documentation for Suspected Herbicide Drift Damage WC-751 (2017)



NDSU Extension Entomology – Corn Janet Knodel's webpage. Contains publications, scouting videos, & insect outlook content.

2020 Field Crop Insect Management Guide E-1143

Integrated Pest Management of Corn Rootworms in North Dakota E-1852 (2017)



2020 North Dakota Field Crop Plant Disease Management Guide PP-622

Corn Ear Molds: Basic Questions and Answers PP1451 (2020)


Crop Drying & Storage

NDSU Extension Ag & Biosystems Engineering - Grain Drying and Storage  Ken Hellevang's webpage.  Educational materials & press release contents.

Estimated Corn Field Drying powerpoint slide

Corn Drying & Storage Articles

Corn Drying and Storage AE-1119 (2013)

Temporary Grain Storage AE-84 (2013)

Natural Air/Low Temperature Crop Drying EB-35 (2005)

Grain Moisture Content Effects & Management AE-905 (1995)

Grain Equilibrium Moisture Content Chart - Corn

Harvesting, Storing and Feeding Corn as Earlage AS-1490 (2016)

Harvesting, Storing and Feeding High-Moisture Corn AS-1484 (2016)

Grain Stream Sampling and Sampler Construction AE-1044 (2019)


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