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Marriage and Money Newsletter

A newsletter for newly married couples to help manage their finances
File PDF document Issue One
Communicating About Money; Values; Spending Goals; Talk About Money
File PDF document Issue Two
Important Family Records; Test Yourself; Tax Tips; Replacing Valuable Papers; Electronic Recordkeeping; Social Security
File PDF document Issue Three
Balance Income & Expenses; Budget Basics; Monthly Spending Plan; Schedule of Non-Monthly Expenses
File PDF document Issue Four
Making Saving a Habit; Where to Put Your Savings; Are You an Overspender?; Ways to Save; How to Save $100 a Month; How Much to Save
File PDF document Issue Five
Managing Credit (Part 1); How Much Credit Can You Afford?; Your Credit History; Requesting a Credit Report; Checklist on Getting Credit
File PDF document Issue Six
Managing Credit (Part 2); You Can Save...If You Shop Around; Credit Card Tips; Credit IQ Quick Quiz
File PDF document Issue Seven
Stretching Your Dollars; Why You Buy What You Buy; Red Flags of Fraud; Savvy Shopper Habits; A Calendar of Sales; Complaining Effectively
File PDF document Issue Eight
What is a Mortgage?; Your Housing Budget; How Much House Can a Family Afford?; How Much are House Payments?; Legal Language; Strategies to Make the Lending Process Easier
File PDF document Issue Nine
Insurance: Life, Auto, Health, Property; Types of Insurance; Helpful Numbers and Addresses; Tips on How to Save Money on Insurance
File PDF document Issue Ten
The Cost of Having Children; A Diapering Decision; Rx Cabinet; OB/GYN Costs; Maternity Clothing; Hospital Care; Pediatric Care; Basic Needs; Wills; Returning to Work; Children and Financial Responsibilities
File PDF document Issue Eleven
Investing Your Money; Time Value of Money; Investment Choices; Why Should You Invest?; A Tool for You; Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement
File PDF document Issue Twelve
Putting it All Together; Resources; Wants
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