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Time/Life Management -- Videotapes

First Things First
Stephen R. Covey
1996, 3½ hours, 2 videotapes
You will learn: (1) Direction-Not Speed: Trade you clock for a compass (2) Alignment-Not Control: Become truly effective by aligning your life with timeless principles. (3) High-Leverage Activities: Identify and focus on the activities that will take you in the direction you want to go. (4) Progress-Not Crises: Minimize the crises in your life and redirect your focus toward key activities that consistently product results. (5) Relationships-The Key to Success: Build strong relationships in your life that will enhance trust and synergy. (6) Vision and Direction through a Mission Statement: Create a mission statement that puts first things first and provides vision and direction. (7) Life Balance: Build a more balanced, fulfilling, and effective life on both a personal and a professional level.



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