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Personal Development --  Videotapes

A Positive Spin on Change: Create Your Own Future
Janet E. Lapp
This groundbreaking video uncovers what is wrong with the system, and provides the truth of how we need to think and what we need to do to create genuine happiness in our own lives, and peace throughout our world.

Best of CareerTrack: Personal Growth
Roger Mellott, Julie White, Tom Miller, Helga Rhode, Bobbe Sommer
1993 1-hour Videotape
This fourth volume of CareerTrack has informative segments that include The Courage to See Clearly, Image and Self-Projection for Women, Self-Discipline and Emotion Control, Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation, and How to Set and Achieve Goals.

Developing New Skills to Thrive in New Age
Jennifer James
1996, 2 Hours
A Workout for the mind.

Discovering and Developing the Teacher Within You
U. Of Wisconsin Extension
Joan Cybela interviews Jerold Apps

The Farmer's Wife
David Sutherland
1998, 2 Videotapes/6.5 Hours

Fish! Catch the Energy, Release the Potential
Charthouse Learning
1999 17 minute Videotape with Facilitator's Guide and Workbook
Seattle's World Famous Pike Place Fish is an otherwise ordinary fish market that's extraordinarily successful. The work is hard and the hours are long — yet these employees make a personal choice to bring amazing passion, playfulness, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day.

Fish! Sticks: Keeping the Vision Alive
Charthouse Learning
1999 17-minute Videotape with Facilitator's Guide and Workbook
How can an organization keep from losing sight of its vision? "Fish! Sticks" takes you to a workplace where every employee assumes personal responsibility for maintaining the company's vision of service, passion and fun. By using the three points of the film -- commit, be it, coach it -- your organization can make sure its vision sticks. "Fish! Sticks" proves that keeping your vision alive is not only possible -- it's the whole point of having a vision in the first place.

Fish! Tales: Bite-size Stories, Unlimited Possibilities
Charthouse Learning
2000 18-minute Videotape
"Fish! Tales" show how organizations that have nothing in common with a fish market are creating more energy, fun and effectiveness through the Fish! Philosophy. These short films answer the question, "What can I throw at work?" When you watch the rejuvenated organizations in "Fish! Tales," you'll see how to throw the same kind of teamwork, service, attentiveness and commitment in your workplace.

Make Every Day a Terrific Day!
Ed Foreman 65-minute Videotape
Achieving excellence through positive attitudes.

Who Moved My Cheese?
Spencer Johnson, M.D.
1999 13-minute Videotape with presenter's handbook
Based on the #1 best seller, this animated videotape helps people examine what they want to have in life and where to look for what they want. It helps people find the way and succeed in changing times.



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