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Creating Dynamic Adult Learning Experiences
Malcolm Knowles
Stephen D. Brookfield Interviews

Innovation Revolution
Tom Peters
6 Tapes
In today's world things are changing faster than ever.  The skills and abilities that helped you get where you are today, won't get you much further in the years to come, that is unless you learn to break the rules and act with daredevil speed.  These tapes will provide you with bold tactics for being better and brighter at what you do.

Talking 9 to 5: Women in the Workplace
Deborah Tannen, PHD
 29 minutes, 1998 Video
This video examines the ways people talk and listen at work. It highlights the differences in the conversational styles of men and women. It helps improve your effectiveness by improving your relationships with colleagues at all levels. 

Land for Learning: Justin Morrill and America's Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
Vermont Public Television
1998 Videotape 57:50
This videotape provides some history and philosophy of the land-grant system. The development of teaching, research and extension are explored, and the addition of the 1890 black land-grants and 1994 tribal land-grants is explained. The video might especially help new faculty and staff better understand the background of the land-grant system and how it continues to evolve.

Managing at the Edge of Change
Ohio State
3 Videos
With efforts to combine sources of funding, new enhanced responsibilities have been needed to prepare county staff.  They need to be able to hire, supervise, coach and evaluate the work of others.  This training was developed in order to help Extension Staff learn these skills.

Problem Based Learning
Nels Peterson, Craig Askim
2006, Workbook/DVD

Sixty Minutes: Louis Farrahkan Interview
60 Minutes

Supervising: Ignite Your Skills
NDSU Ext. Service
23 Minutes

Stop Bullying Now: Take A Stand. Lend A Hand.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Video / Activities Guide
WEBISODES - a Series of 12 animated episodes depecting a group of characters at a school who experience builying first-hand and what they do to help resolve the situation. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Five television and two radio PSAs to promote the campaign in your school or community. VIDEO WORKSHOPS: Videos developed for professionals in the education, health and safety, mental health, law enforcement, and youth serving fields.

Writing for Professional Journals
Rutgers University (AgSat)
1991, 2 Hours 



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