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Diversity -- Videotapes

As Simple As Respect
ATS Media
2004, 24 Mintes and 3 Ring Binder
Without respect, a workplace can be a difficult place, and this program discusses the issues of diversity, respect and inclusion in the workplace to help achieve a diverse and respectful environment for everyone.

Frontline: A Class Divided
PBS Video 1984 Videotape 57 minutes
In 1970, a public school teacher in Riceville, Iowa, divided her all-white, all-Christian third-graders into blue- and brown-eyed groups for a lesson in discrimination. On successive days, each group was treated as inferior and subjected to discriminatory treatment. This Frontline reunites the teacher and class after 15 years to relate the enduring effects of their lesson.

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins
CRM Films
10 Minutes
This story echoes across the country and resembles several other organizations.  It gives you ideas and tips on how to manage the increasing diversity of the workforce and capture the talent, energy and commitment of all employees to make a better team-based association.

 “Top 20 Questions on Managing Diversity”
Published by R. Thomas Consulting and Training
1998, 25 Minutes

Valuing Diversity: Illuminating Differences
NDSU Ext. services
152 Minutes


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