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Communication -- Videotapes

Communicating to Reduce Stress on the Job
Communication Briefings
1994 Videotape 13 minutes
When communication fails, stress occurs. Busy co-workers can often miscommunicate , causing stress levels to rise. This video will show viewers how to reduce stress on the job by recognizing the stress triggers that impair communication.

Communicating with Confidence to Get the Job Done
Communication Briefings
1994 Videotape 15 minutes
How you communicate your message can affect the listener more than the actual message itself. Communicate poorly, and your ideas will be ignored. Communicate confidently, and your ideas will be respected. This video shows you the tactics used by today's most respected and successful communicators.

Loretta LaRouche: Discover the Spirit
National 4-H Agents Conference

Pitfalls of Perception
Bob Mezoff
How to Avoid Stereotyping and Other Errors of Judgement.



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