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Collaboration/Cooperation/Teamwork -- Videotapes

Getting Cooperation: Team Building that Works
Communication Briefings
1994 17-minute Videotape
Teamwork suffers--and can even fail--when team members make communication blunders that hurt productivity. This video looks at the major causes of teamwork failure and ways to overcome them.

Why Work Together? A Look at Multicommunity Collaboration
North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
32-minute Videotape -- may be used in association with the book "Multicommunity Collaboration: An Evolving Rural Revitalization Strategy" from the NCRCRD, 515 294-8321
Illustrating the potentials and pitfalls of multicommunity collaboration strategies, this video discusses the concept and presents three existing collaboration examples.

Workteams and The Wizard of Oz
Ken Blanchard
1993 18-minute Videotape (includes leader's guide and participant workbook)
Using footage from the film The Wizard of Oz as a metaphor, Blanchard teaches six keys to successful teamwork. He shows that Dorothy becomes a team leader that any modern-day organization would value. She begins with a clear objective, builds a team of diverse individuals to pursue a goal that will benefit all, delegates tasks and gives team members courage to creatively take risks. They establish mutual trust and empower themselves to support one another while mounting a dangerous mission. They achieve their team goal and grow as individuals.



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