New Resources

The Employee Handbook for Organizational Change: Facing the Problems,
Finding the Opportunities
Price Pritchett and Ron Pound
40 pages
Organizational Management
Pritchett and Pound discuss the myths and realities of surviving in the age of instability, overcoming resistance to change, clearing up the myths and becoming a change agent.

Resistance: Moving Beyond the Barriers to Change
Price Pritchett
34 pages
Organizational Management
The 16 guidelines in this handbook show you how to free up the valuable energy that's being wasted on resistance. Ideas include explain the rationale for change, over-communicate and make sure people have the know-how needed.

WordPower Vocabulary Builder
A. Rae Price
Audiocassette Tape
4 tapes
How to build a vocabulary people notice, respond to and respect. These tapes will help you increase your verbal impact, earn respect for your intellect, feel confident conversing in any business or social situation, and understand more of what you read and hear. The tapes will help you understand words, remember them and use them.

Mastering Meetings
National Institute of Business Management
148 pages
Includes tips on protocol, dealing with hidden agendas, establishing responsibility for follow-up, leading small discussion groups, working with problem participants, taking the routine out of routine meetings and more. A chapter is devoted to graphics and audiovisual equipment.

Workteams and The Wizard of Oz
Ken Blanchard
Videotape (includes leader's guide and participant workbook)
18 minutes
Using footage from the film "The Wizard of Oz" as a powerful metaphor, Blanchard teaches six keys to successful teamwork. He shows that Dorothy becomes a team leader that any modern-day organization would value. She begins with a clear objective, builds a team of diverse individuals to pursue a goal that will benefit all, delegates tasks and gives team members courage to creatively take risks. They establish mutual trust and empower themselves to support one another while mounting a dangerous mission. They achieve their team goal and grow as individuals.

Advisory Boards Series
National Center for Nonprofit Boards
3 booklets: 22, 16 and 16 pages
Advisory Councils
A package of three booklets from the National Center for Nonprofit Boards: Creating and Renewing Advisory Boards: Strategies for Success, How to Help Your Board Govern More and Manage Less, and How to Build a More Effective Board.

Building Boards That Work
National Center for Nonprofit Boards
Videotape (includes video workshop user's guide)
68 minutes
Advisory Councils
"Building Boards that Work" explores how an organization builds the board it needs. Part One of the workshop looks at the elements of a strong board: a clear sense of the board's role, strategies for identifying and recruiting a productive corps of board members, and a commitment to sound orientation and ongoing board education. Part Two focuses on the development of a working partnership between the board and the staff.