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Stress -- Books

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff-at Work
Richard Carlson, Ph.D.
1998 Book 284 pages
Simple ways to minimize stress and conflict while bringing out the best in yourself and others.

Kicking Your Stress Habits: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Coping with Stress
Donald A. Tubesing
1981Book 187 pages
This book covers the following topics: stress ills or stress skills; perception and stress; beliefs and stress; stress and change; stress and life stages; stress and grief; stress and life rhythm; skills for managing stress; personal management skills; relationship skills; outlook skills; physical stamina skills; assessing your coping habits; forming your action plan.

Learn to Relax: 13 Ways to Reduce Tension
C. Eugene Walker
1975 Book 108 pages
Tension and anxiety will always be with us, but this book will show you several methods -- physical and mental -- you can use to cope with them and avoid their most destructive aspects. The author demonstrates how to increase your resistance to stress with simple, specific exercises that improve your ability to relax your muscles -- the first step to combating tension. In addition, the author explains helpful problem-solving and decision-making systems, shows you how recreation and "escape" are essential for the healthy person, and describes how meaningful friendships can buffer and support you through the normal crises of life.

Life is Short-Wear Your Party Pants: Ten Simple Truths That Lead to an Amazing Life
Loretta LaRoche
2003, 189 pages
This book gives you the tools you need to not only reduce feelings of tension, but also to bring joy, passion, and gratification in your life through ten simple truths.  There are dozens of techniques that show you that life is not something to be endured, but it is something to be truly appreciated.

Stress and the Healthy Family
Dolores Curran
1985 Book 216 pages
The book is not so much a "how to" book as a "how they" book. It looks at how healthy families view their stresses and shows how they use their strengths to deal with them effectively during various stages of family life. Parents will find this peek into others' family lives a practical help when everyday stresses test their own family fabric. This author believes the "stress for success" value system is breaking down, and that the work ethic is being questioned and found wanting, increasingly replaced with a life ethic that says there's more to life than work and monetary success.

Unraveling the Mystery of Health: How People Manage Stress and Stay Well
Aaron Antonovsky
1987, 194 Pages
Despite expanded research efforts and the development of sophisticated diagnostic tools and treatment technologies, health problems still plague a large percentage of the world's population. According to the author, one reason for this is that modern medicine tends to focus merely on illness alone and treating the specific disease. The author believes that a broader approach, one based in the dynamics of well-being, is necessary if healthcare professionals are to constructively respond to the world's health problems.



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