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Public Speaking -- Books

Effective Presentation Skills: A Practical Guide for Better Speaking
Steve Mandel
1987 Book 59 pages
Effective Presentation Skills attempts to answer the fundamental questions of how to prepare and deliver an effective speech. Proven techniques will give a reader the necessary skills to give more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations. Topics such as: how to use body language effectively; how to organize thoughts and data for maximum impact; how to develop and use visual aids; and how to deliver what you have prepared. This book provides some theory but more often presents simple and practical suggestions on how to give more effective presentations.

Public Speaking Applications
Deanna D. Sellnow
1999 Book 207 pages
The text for the NDSU Public Speaking Fundamentals course, this book provides useful ideas about learning styles and public speaking, ethical concerns, preparation outlines and more.

The Process of Public Speaking
Deanna Sellnow
1999, 272 Pages
Not everyone are great effective public speakers, but we have to know that we really can be come better speakers if we take time to learn. This is a perfect book to guide you through the process.

Professionally Speaking: Getting Ahead in Business and Life Through Effective Communicating
Lilyan Wilder
1986 Book 312 pages
Lilyan Wilder is America's foremost speech coach, with more clients in broadcasting and at the top levels of business, politics, and sports than anyone else in her field. Now she presents her expertise to the public in a book that has the power to transform anyone into an effective communicator. This book explains everything you need to know to get your message across effectively and to sound your best. It personalizes every situation and helps you project your sense of yourself to master the process of becoming real.


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