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Evaluation -- Books

Educational Evaluation: Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines
Blaine R. Worthen and James R. Sanders
1987 450-page Book
The authors share critical concepts and issues related to evaluation; the role evaluation plays in education; and how to construct useful, feasible and technically sound evaluations; plus study questions, application exercises and a list of suggested readings in each chapter and a running case study that unfolds chapter by chapter to illustrate how practical guidelines can be applied to a real-life evaluation.

Evaluation Practice in Review
David S. Cordray, Howard S. Bloom, Richard J. Light, Editors
1987 99-page Book
The chapters in this volume of "New Directions for Program Evaluation" illustrate the many lessons learned about how to organize, design and interpret evaluation studies.

How to Conduct Your Own Survey
Priscilla Salant and Don A. Dillman
1994 232-page Book
Leading professionals from the land-grant university give you proven techniques for getting reliable results.

Multiple Methods in Program Evaluation
Melvin M. Mark, R. Lance Shotland, Editors
1987 100-page Book
This volume of "New Directions for Program Evaluation" encourages the use of multiple methods based on the recognition of the various purposes that multiple methods can serve.

Practical Evaluation
Michael Quinn Patton
1982 313-page Book
The author proposes that creativity be used to overcome inertia and complacency in evaluation, keep evaluation processes fresh and meaningful, and maximize effectiveness in evaluative consultations with policymakers.

Realistic Evaluation
Ray Pawson, Nick Tilley
1997, 235 Pages
This book shows how program evaluation needs to be and can be bettered. It presents a profound yet highly readable critique of current evaluation practice and introduces a ‘manifesto’ and ‘handbook’ for a fresh approach. It is essential to those involved in sociology, criminology, health and education whether they’re students or teachers.

Using Program Theory in Evaluation
Leonard Bickman, Editor
1987 109-page Book
This volume of "New Directions for Program Evaluation" describes the need for program theory in planning and conducting evaluations and provides a variety of approaches for understanding and measuring program theory.



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