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Diversity -- Books

Another Country: Navigating the emotional Terrain of our Elders
Mary Pipher, Ph. D
1999, 328 pages, Book
This book discusses the journey to old age. This discusses the complexity of relationships as time goes on and addresses what issues we need to be aware of while we are young.

To Build a Bridge: Working with American Indian Communities
John Poupart, Cecilia Martinez, John Red Horse, Dawn Scharnberg
2001, 60 Pages
This guide is for educators, human service professionals, policy makers, and others who work with American Indians.  It is developed with 3 purposes in mind: 1) to improve social service delivery in Indian Communities; 2) to incorporate Indian Values into research methodologies when working with Indian people; and 3) to educate policy makers and program developers about the unique situation of American Indians.

Crisis and Risk Communication: 10 Tips for Public Health Professionals Communicating with Native and New Americans
Robert S. Littlefield, Kimberly Cowden, M.A. and William D. Hueston, Ph.D.
2007, 24 pages
This book serves to assist public health professionals when building and fostering relationships with Native and New American populations. This guidebook provides both a theoretical foundation for health communication practices and practical, day-to-day suggestions for engaging Native and New American communities in health promotion and risk and crisis communication. This guidebook is the result of actual field work with Plains Indian groups and New American groups in the upper Midwest and collaboration wtih public health professionals.

Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching
Raymond J. Wlodkowski and Margery B. Ginsberg
1995, 364 Pages
Every day college and university faculty ask themselves the question, 'How can we become more effective teachers of a culturally diverse student body?' This book provides the most comprehensive and useful answer that I have ever read. Drawing upon years of experience and research with students from various cultural backgrounds, Wlodkowski and Ginsberg offer faculty a remarkable integration of theory and practice--full of the kinds of insights and strategies they can use today.

Diversity Workshop: Facilitator’s Guide
Barbara Hateley and Warren H. Schmidt
(3-ring binder)
8 Sections and Handbooks on Diversity

Generations at Work
Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, Bob Filipczak
280 Pages
This books offers practical ways to deal with differences among generations in the work place. It offers hands
on advice to turn the promise of a diverse workplace into success for the entire organization.

The History and Culture of the Mandan, Hidatsa, Sahnish (Arikara)
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Baker, Linda, Dorreen Yellow Bird, Cheryl Kulas and Greta White Calfe
2002, 192 pages
The guide about the histories and cultures of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Sahnish (Arikara) people is part of a collaborative project between the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and the Tribal Nations of North Dakota.

The History and Culture of the Mni Wakan Oyate (Spirit Lake Nation)
1997, 76 pages
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

The History and Culture of the Standing Rock Oyate
1995, 100 pages
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

The History and Culture of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
1997, 87 pages
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

Making Diversity Work: 7 Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace
Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
2003, 199 Pages
Making Diversity Work offers fresh and fascinating ideas for reducing bias--one person at a time. By focusing on the individual, rather than the organization, she defines a powerful focus for bias busting in the workplace. Racial and sexual bias costs big bucks warns Thiederman, citing litigation, lowered sales, and loss of employees and customers. Using case studies, politically incorrect questions, and insightful strategies, she guides readers through "the discomfort of self discovery." After detailing how biases are learned, Thiederman introduces seven steps to prevent bias from blocking and distorting your work relationships.

Prairie Mosaic: An Ethnic Atlas of Rural North Dakota
William C. Sherman
1983 Book 139 pages
This small volume intends to do three things. First, it provides a comprehensive list of the surprisingly large number of ethnic groups who came to early North Dakota; second, it gives the location of the many groups which remained in 1965, and finally, it presents something of both the times of settlement and the various social institutions around which the national communities were known to have rallied. Some additional information as to the settlement patterns in the earliest days and the present size and situation of the groups is also given.

When Generations Collide
Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman
335 Pages
This book provides hands-on methods to close the generation gaps. It has effective tools to recruit, retain,
motivate, and manage each generation. With the help of this book you can create teamwork and increase
productivity in your environment.



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