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Conflict Management -- Books

Before Push Comes to Shove
Nancy Carllson, Diane Levin
1998, 93 Pages
Building Conflict Resolution Skills with Children.

Hate Hurts: How Children Learn and Unlearn Prejudice
Caryl Stern-LaRosa and Ellen Hofheimer Bettmann
2000, 332 Pages
When people are afraid, or have actually been hurt, it may be a natural response to want to hurt someone back.  But hurting one another only escalates the hatred and violence--and the differences don't go away.  This book offers practical tips, sound advice, and role-playing for difficult situations for both adults and children.

Step-by-Step Problem Solving: A Practical Guide to Ensure Problems Get (and Stay) Solved
Richard Y. Chang, P. Keith Kelly
1993 Book, 106 pages
Conflict Management
This guidebook takes a common-sense approach to problem solving and provides a wealth of practical examples and proven methods that can be applied immediately on the job.

Ultimate Classroom Control Handbook
Dave Foley
2007, 265 Pages
This book provides you with specific answers--plus backup plans--to the discipline problems and classroom-management issues that plague teachers. This fit-it manual by an ward-winning educator targets student disruptions and teaching inefficiencies that eat up instruction time. It helps you solve problems on the spot, so you spend your time educating rather than disciplining.

Who's Calling the Shots?
Nancy Paige, Diane Levin
1990, 188 Pages
This book offers educators suggestions, practical ideas and resources for helping children repossess imaginative play, avoid severe gender and racial stereotypes, resist consumerism, and develop skills for playing and living less violently.



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