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Collaboration/Cooperation/Teamwork  -- Books

Focus Groups
Richard Krueger and May Anne Casey
2000, 215 Pages
This book is considered standard for learning how to conduct focus groups.  It includes many illustration and more how-to's then ever before.

The Focus Group Kit
David Morgan, Richard Krueger
1998, 6 Sections/Books
1. The Focus Group Guidebook
2. Planning Focus Groups
3. Developing Questions for Focus Groups
4. Moderating Focus Groups
5. Involving Community Members in Focus Groups
6. Analyzing &Reporting Focus Group Results

Joy at Work
Dennis Blake
2005, 314 pages
A Revolutionary Approach to Fun on the Job
Imagine a company where people love coming to work and are highly productive on a daily basis. Well imagine no more. Dennis tells the true story of this extraordinary compny. This book will force you to question everything you thought you knew about corporate success.  

Measuring Team Performance: A Practical Guide to Tracking Team Success
Gloria E. Bader, Audrey E. Bloom, Richard Y. Chang
1994, 107-page Book
Teams often make better decisions, have greater commitment and improve quality over individuals or traditional work groups. One of the challenges, however, is realigning performance measurement systems to match the new team structures. This guidebook helps gauge team effectiveness on the team's work outcomes and the operating dynamics of the team itself.

Mining Group Gold: How to Cash in on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Group
Thomas A. Kayser
1990, 173-page Book
The art of managing people and ideas to achieve a high level of results is what this book is all about. The tools emphasize teamwork and the building of consensus through careful planning and facilitation. It also provides an organized approach to planning and conducting group sessions covering: five steps for successfully structuring a session; three alternatives for opening a meeting; five options to use during the middle of a meeting; four steps for ending a group session; dealing with feelings and emotions in a session; handling disruptive behavior, conflict, and confusion; initiating and maintaining a participative climate; and much more.

Thom Henley
1996, 352 Pages
The Rediscovery program has drawn from the wisdom of native American elders to help teach youth, native American and otherwise, to respect the earth and each other. This book provides more than 130 activities which schools and youth camps are able to use when they gather to reacquaint themselves with their place in nature.

Success is a Team Effort
Charles B. Dygert
1995, 95 Pages
In this book, you will learn why people lose their natural born creativity, the secret of cooperative thinking, how to lose the seven intelligences in team building, the keys to building a democratic environment and how to move from conformity to community.

True Partnership: Revolutionary Thinking about Relating to Others
Carl Zaiss
2002, 132-page Book
Zaiss details the principles of true partnership:
* Connecting: seeing ourselves as interdependent parts of the whole
* Communicating: connecting to others through communication
* Expanding: operating from a both/and mentality
* Observing: relating to our world as observer-created.

Walk the Talkā€¦ And Get the Results You Want
Eric Harvey and Al Lucia
111 Pages
We all struggle with the same basic issues in business: how to get our group to perform like a team; how to hire, retain, and manage productive people; how to be more profitable; and how to be in sync with our mission, vision, and values.  This book is about living out our convictions and dealing with our contradictions.  Delegating, empowering, and turning your beliefs into practice are all integral to walking the talk.



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