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Time/Life Management -- Audiocassettes

Getting Things Done
3 hours on CD's
Very helpful for procrastination solutions. This book has the potential to transform the way you work--and the way you experience work. At any level of implementation, David's entertaining and thought-provoking advice shows you how to pick up the pace without wearing yourself down.

How to Manage Projects, Priorities and Deadlines: The Art of Getting It Done
Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center
1992 Audiocassettes and workbook 8 cassette tapes and 96 pages of support material
This program will help you identify the barriers of productivity, learn time management skills, stop procrastination, learn hidden shortcuts to every project, learn how to say no, and decide when to delegate.

First Things First
Stephen R. Covey
1994 Audiocassette Tape 90 minutes
First Things First is a revolutionary guide to managing your time by learning how to balance your life. Traditional time management suggests that working harder, smarter, and faster will help you to gain control over your life, and that increased control will bring peace and fulfillment. Rather than focusing on time and things, First Things First emphasizes relationships and results. And instead of efficiency, this new approach emphasizes effectiveness.

Living the 7 Habits
Stephen R. Covey
1995 Audiocassette Tape 90 minutes
In Living the 7 Habits, Covey provides valuable insights that will deepen our understanding of the habits and allow us to make them part of our daily lives. The next step on the ever-evolving road to personal and professional fulfillment, Living the 7 Habits will help us to achieve our goals and identify the commitments we can make to begin to live the 7 habits immediately.

Personal Time Management and Effective Administration
John S. Hoyt, Jr.
1987 Audiocassette Tape 5 tapes
This program presents by sample and example how to apply proven, practical and pragmatic techniques to the problem of managing your time. You'll find new ways of scheduling, organizing, delegating, and prioritizing. You'll learn how to handle interruptions, conduct meetings, do the distasteful and difficult, and increase your productivity.

Working Smarter: How to Get More Done in Less Time
Michael LeBoeuf
1995 Audiocassette Tape 1 hour
Gain precious minutes every hour with this simple, direct, and easy-to-apply program from time management expert Michael LeBoeuf. Requiring no time sheets, written plans, daily records, or other time-consuming devices, Working Smarter works for the executive, the professional, the entrepreneur, the housewife, and everyone in between. LeBoeuf tells you how to keep trivial matters from hindering your advancement, learn the art of delegating efficiently, and become a more effective communicator.

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century
Thomas L. Friedman
2005, Audio Book 19.5 hours/15 CDs
This audio set is made for listeners trying to make sense of the bewildering global scene between “Y2K and March 2004.”  Some say it was the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon on 9/11, or the Iraq war, and others say it was the convergence of technology and events that allowed India, China, and many other countries to become part of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing, creating an increase of wealth in the middle classes of the worlds two biggest nation.  It leaves questions like, has the world gotten too small and too fast for human beings and their political systems to adjust in stable manner?



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