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Public Speaking -- Audiocassettes

Confident Public Speaking
Roko Paskov
1987, 3 Hrs 55 Min
How to Turn Your Listeners Into Doers, Believers and Buyers.

Gain the Confident to Overcome Fear in Public Speaking
Ed Forman
1991, 2 Tapes
Ed Foreman will show you how to capture and hold the attention of any audience. It's a "how to" book that will make public speaking fun and enjoyable for you as well as your listeners.

Speak to Win
Bert Decker
1985 Audiocassette Tape 6 tapes
Decker integrates the latest research findings on speaking, communicating, appearance and making favorable impressions. He shatters old myths and breaks new ground in giving you, the listener, the "executive edge" so you, too, can Speak to Win.



Books can be checked out for one month, audio and video tapes for two weeks. Contact the Distribution Center at or 701 231-7882 to check out Staff Resource Library materials, or stop by Morrill 10 to browse the shelves.