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Leadership -- Audiocassettes

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership
Joseph Jaworski
1996 3 hours on two audiocassette tapes
Jaworski says leadership is about the release of human possibilities. When leaders are committed, they begin to experience "synchronicity" or predictable miracles. This tape encourages leaders to shift from seeing a world made up of things to seeing a world primarily composed of relationships and to enter a realm of endless possibilities.

Fifth Discipline
Peter M. Senge
1994 240 minutes on 4 audiocassette tapes
Peter Senge's groundbreaking ideas on building organizations have made him a household name among corporate managers. His theories help businesses clarify their goals, defy the odds, more clearly understand threats, and recognize new opportunities. He introduces managers to a new source of competitive advantage and offers a marvelously empowering approach to work.

Leadership and the One Minute Manager
Kenneth Blanchard/Lifetime Research Company
2 Tapes
Increasing effectiveness through situational Leadership.

Legendary Service
Ken Blanchard, Gary Heil, and Richard Tate
1990 6 audiocassette tapes
This 6-cassette program will help you learn what it takes to provide legendary service. You'll learn a whole new way of thinking and responding to frontline and customer needs. You'll learn through a nuts-and-bolts approach, through stories and examples based on real, in-the-field experience, stories that reveal how some of the most successful, innovative companies get results.

Make Meetings Work
Gayle Carson
1992, 2.5 Hours
This book will teach you the techniques to being a leader, making sure meetings are worthwhile, organized, useful, and make sure that the people are participating, grasping the point without taking forever and even to decide if the meeting really needs to take place.

Manager's Edge
Rudy Savage
1988 11 audiocassette tapes
This is the information age. More than ever, knowledge is power. Having the right idea is important. Having the know-how to put the idea into action is even more important. Today's successful managers know the learning never stops. There are always fresh skills to practice, daring ideas to gather, wonderful examples to inspire.

New Leadership: Managing People and Change
Alan Brache
1984 6 audiocassette tapes
In The New Leadership, you'll find out why there are many leadership behaviors but only one that is best in a given situation. You'll learn when to seek participation in decision making and when to avoid it. You'll explore ways of uncovering and analyzing information pertinent to the problem or decision at hand. You'll learn techniques for investing your time wisely. You'll be exposed to ways of conducting meetings successfully and resolving conflict over alternatives.

Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air: Guidance Through Turbulent Change
Janet E. Lapp, Ph.D.
1996 6 audiocassette tapes with 50-page workbook
Lapp uncovers blocks to change, examines which beliefs hinder and which promote transformation, and gives step-by-step guidance through change efforts. She was a keynote speaker at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents conference in Bismarck in October 2001.



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