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Education -- Audiocassettes

Innovation Revolution
Tom Peters
6 Tapes
In today's world things are changing faster than ever. The skills and abilities that helped you get where you are today, won't get you much furthur in the years to come, that is unless you learn to break the rules and act with daredevil speed. These tapes will provide you with bold tactics for being better and brighter at what you do.

Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World
Margaret Wheatley
1999, 4 Tapes/6 Hours
These audiocassettes offer creative solutions to real problems in business and life because the author, through experience, reveals how new discoveries in quantum physics, chaos theory, and biology can revitalize organizational thinking and applying them to diverse organizations around the world. 



Books can be checked out for one month, audio and video tapes for two weeks. Contact the Distribution Center at or 701 231-7882 to check out Staff Resource Library materials, or stop by Morrill 10 to browse the shelves.