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Balance -- Audiocassettes

Life Balance for Women
Bee Epstein
1988 4-tape Audiocassette Set
You know the frustrations well. Your job demands extra hours and energy. Your family deserves love and attention. And on top of it, you need private time for recreation--and relaxation. That's why CareerTrack has developed Life Balance for Women. This program will help you discover that "having it all" doesn't necessarily mean having it all at once. You'll learn how to put all the important areas of your life into perspective--and how to enjoy each of them.

Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness
Mary Kay Mueller
1998 4-tape Audiocassette Set
Mueller gives both the permission and the process for finding the balance between taking care of others and caring for ourselves. She shares the phrase that will change your life, the four reasons we run from happiness, the top 12 happiness habits, the half and half formula for higher self-esteem and how to stay positive when shift happens. Mueller was a keynote speaker at the 2000 NCR Volunteer Forum in Fargo.



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