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Archive of 2021 Presentations

Forum I (March 22, 2021): Vegetable Gardens

Frost protection
Low-Tech, Inexpensive Season Extension Tools. Greta Gramig, Associate Professor   YouTube logo 
We'll discuss some low-tech, inexpensive, and easily implemented tools home gardeners can use for extending short growing seasons. Tools covered will include indoor sowing, simple cold frames, frost blankets, and row covers.
Handout: PowerPoint Summary.


No-till garden

No-Till Gardening. 
Calla Edwards, Agriculture Educator  YouTube logo
"No-till" gardening has been called many names, but the goals are always the same: improve soil organic material, reduce weeding and improve soil structure. Who doesn’t want that for their garden?
Handout: PowerPoint Summary. 



Best Vegetable Varieties for North Dakota. 
Tom Kalb, Extension Horticulturist   YouTube logo  
Hundreds of gardeners in our state have discovered the highest yielding, best tasting varieties. We'll discuss the finest varieties, including modern, heirloom and organic selections. 
Handouts: PowerPoint Summary; Vegetable Cultivars for North Dakota 2021.


Forum II (March 29, 2021): Woody Ornamentals 

Emerald ash borer

Emerald Ash Borer Update. 
Joe Zeleznik, Extension Forester  YouTube logo
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a destructive pest that, fortunately, still has not been found in North Dakota. We’ll discuss a number of changes that have occurred in the last few years regarding management of this insect. 
Handout: Presentation Summary.


Maple leaves
Hardy Maples for Northern Landscapes.
Todd West, Professor  YouTube logo
Maples are one of the most popular shade trees for boulevards and lawns. Let’s discuss different maple species and cultivars that will work in our Northern climate.
Handout: PowerPoint Summary.  


Pink rose
Anyone Can Grow Roses Successfully in 10 Easy Steps.
Don Kinzler, Horticulture Educator  YouTube logo
Roses have earned the reputation of being difficult-to-grow, easily winter-killed and labor-intensive. Contrary to this reputation, roses can be fun, easy and rewarding for Northern gardeners by following a 10-step program..
Handout: Growing Roses in the Upper Midwest


Forum III (April 5, 2021): Healthy Environment  

Ladybird beetle

Know the 'Good Bugs' in Your Garden.
Jan Knodel, Extension Entomologist  YouTube logo
We will discuss how to identify ‘good’ bugs, what type of insect pests they eat or parasitize, and how to conserve them in your garden for pest control.
Handouts: PowerPoint Summary. Common Natural Enemies of Insect Pests.


Herbicide injury on sunflower
Protecting Landscape and Garden Plants from Lawn Herbicides. 
Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, Professor  YouTube logo
Can you avoid damaging landscape and garden plants when spraying lawn weeds? We'll discuss how injury typically occurs and then show which plants are most and least sensitive to plant growth regulator herbicides.
Handout: PowerPoint Summary.



Backyard Composting Basics. 
Carrie Knutson, Horticulture Educator  YouTube logo
Composting can be a daunting undertaking for many gardeners. We will cover basic composting rules and what you need to start composting your backyard.
Handout: PowerPoint Summary. 


Forum IV (April 12, 2021): Special Topics 


Ornamental Grasses for Rain Gardens.
Esther McGinnis, Extension Horticulturist  YouTube logo
Rain gardens are challenging environments with plants subjected to alternating periods of flooding and drought and exposure to salts and petroleum products. Learn about new NDSU research demonstrating the resilience of grasses and sedges to environmental stresses.
Handout: PowerPoint Summary 


How are the Haskaps Doing? 
Kathy Wiederholt, Northern Hardy Fruit Project Manager  YouTube logo
The Carrington Research Extension Center has a large collection of Japanese haskaps from the only breeder in the United States. Find out what traits we are looking for to improve their chances of success in North Dakota.
Handout: Haskap and Honeyberry Sources


Girl holding tomato
Engaging Youth in the Garden. 
Kelsey Deckert, Horticulture Educator  YouTube logo
Join us to learn about fun ways to engage youth in the garden as they develop lifetime skills and healthier eating habits. Gardening is so much more than playing in the dirt!
Handout: PowerPoint Summary    


Photos courtesy of Chiot's RunSteven Lybeck; congerdesign from Pixabay; Debbie Miller, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org; Bonnie MorelandChris Heidenreich; Nimrod Oren from Pixabay; Tom Kalb; Linda, Fortuna futurepverdonk; Proven Winners; and Joan Zettel. 

For more information, please contact Tom Kalb, Extension Horticulturist, NDSU. 

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