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2020 Presentations

Forum I (March 26, 2020): Home and Environment

Restoring Soil Health. Jon Stika, Soil Health Educator
Learn how the soil functions as a biological system and how to manage the soil in your garden to restore its health and fertility. 


Dandelion at sunset

Alternative Lawn Care. 
Greta Gramig, Associate Professor
Maintaining a ‘perfect’ weed-free and manicured lawn is costly. We’ll discuss alternative approaches that reduce pesticide use, decrease labor demands and lower costs of maintaining turfgrass.



Plant Parenting 101. 
Esther McGinnis, Extension Horticulturist
Houseplants have never been more popular! Learn how to increase the number of plants you have through division, cuttings, and air layering.



Forum II (April 2, 2020): Vegetables 

Bell peppers growing in pot

Container Gardening. 
Calla Edwards, Agriculture Educator
Learn how to grow vegetables on your deck or balcony for fresh produce all summer long. 


Grafted tomato
Grafted Vegetables for Your Garden.
Chiwon Lee, Greenhouse and Vegetable Specialist
Grafted plants may resist diseases and produce higher yields. Learn how to graft tomato, pepper, eggplant and watermelon plants.


Potager garden
Potager Gardens Simplified. 
Carrie Knutson, Horticulture Educator
Add potager design elements and companion plantings to create a beautiful and tasty garden.


Forum III (April 9, 2020): Fruits and Landscapes  


Apple Growing Notes. 
Kathy Wiederholt, Northern Hardy Fruit Project Manager 
The Carrington Research Extension Center has  been quite successful at growing apples. Catch up on our tips, troubles and best varieties!


Growing Hops in North Dakota. 
Kyla Splichal, Research Specialist
We’ll cover the ins and outs of growing hops, including its use as an ornamental vine in the landscape.  


Home landscape

Easy Ways to Improve Your Landscape. 
Don Kinzler, Horticulture Educator
Follow these simple methods to turn your existing plantings into an eye-catching landscape you'll be proud to own.



Forum IV (April 16, 2020): Special Topics 

Ash anthracnose

Tree Pest Problems. 
Joe Zeleznik, Extension Forester
We’ll discuss some of the most common disease and insect pest problems—their timing, potential severity and treatment options.


Heirloom tomatoes
Heirloom Vegetables in Your Garden. 
Steve Zwinger, Research Specialist
This presentation will cover what heirloom are vegetables are, why people plant them, and why they are important. We'll discuss where to purchase them.  


Mason beehouse
Get a Room -- Conserving Solitary Bees. 
Travis Prochaska, Crop Protection Specialist 
More than 250 solitary bees call North Dakota home. We’ll share the details in successfully building a bee hotel.  



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