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Winter Wheat Webinar Presentations (Click here for video archive)

March 26, 2013

PowerPoint Presentations 

Presentation titleFile SizePresenterAffiliation
Winter Wheat Management After the Snow Melts: Assessing Plant Stands 1.2mb Joel Ransom NDSU
Weeds in Winter Wheat: Identification and Control 3.4mb Kirk Howatt NDSU
Disease and Nitrogen Management 2.1mb B. Vander Vorst Ducks Unlimited

2013 Best of the Best in Wheat and Soybean Research and Marketing

February 6 & 7, 2013
Grand Forks, ND and Moorhead, MN

Presentation TitleFile SizePresenterAffiliation
Soybean Cyst Nematode: Where Is It Now?
Sam Markell
NDSU Extension
Soybean Cyst Nematode: Understanding Its Management Issues

Berlin Nelson
NDSU Plant Pathology
Nitrogen Application Studies
Joel Ransom
NDSU Extension
Soil Testing and Fertilizer Management in Dry Weather/Drought 846kb
Dave Franzen
NDSU Extension
Crop Water Use & Rooting Depth - Crop Rotation for a Dry Cycle 1.7mb
Joel Ransom
NDSU Extension
Small Grains Disease Update 1.8mb
Madeleine Smith
NWROC, Crookston
Reducing Spray Drift and Its Effects 7.6mb
Andy Robinson
NDSU Extension
What are the risks? 2012-13 Crop Market Outlook 1.9mb
Frayne Olson
NDSU Extension
Wheat Information Project (WHIP) 251kb
Jochum Wiersma
NWROC, Crookston
Intensive Soybean Management 3.5mb Seth Naeve U of M, St. Paul
How the Uncertain 2013 Season Will Influence Crop Insurance Decisions   Dwight Aakre NDSU Extension


2013 Best of the Best in Wheat and Barley Research and Marketing

January 31, 2013
Bismarck, ND

Presentation TitleFile SizePresenterAffiliation
Soil Health: Issues and Approaches
Abbey Wick
NDSU Extension
Why Grow Wheat or Barley?
Dwight Aakre
NDSU Extension
Soil Testing and Fertilizer Management in Dry Weather/Drought 885kb
Dave Franzen
NDSU Extension
Barley Contracts and Industry Preferences 11.1mb 
Rhett Nostdahl
2012-13 Wheat and Barley Market Outlook & Crop Insurance Update 1.7mb
Frayne Olson
NDSU Extension
Resistant Weeds: Coming to a Field Near You? 9.4mb
Brian Jenks
North Central Research Extension Center, Minot
What Did We Learn About Winter Wheat in 2012? 2.9mb 
Steve Dvorak
Ducks Unlimited
Crop Water Use and Rooting Depth and the Role of Crop Selection and Rotation During a Dry Cycle 3.8mb 
Roger Ashley
NDSU Extension
Small Grain Variety Update: 2012 2.1mb 
Joel Ransom
NDSU Extension


2012 Best of the Best in Wheat and Barley Research and Marketing

February 7 & 8, 2012
Dickinson and Minot, ND

Presentation TitleFile SizePresenterAffiliation
Spring Management of Winter Wheat 8.3mb 
Blake VanderVorst Ducks Unlimited
Saline Seeps: Can They Be Managed? 258kb 
Dave Franzen NDSU Extension
The Physiology of Grain Fill and How the Environment Impacts Kernel Characteristics 1.5mb 
Joel Ransom NDSU Extension
Variety Update: Barley, Durum and Spring Wheat 967kb 
Greg Endres NDSU Extension
What Are All These Diseases That Afflict Our Wheat and Barley and Why Didn't the Fungicide Work? 1.7mb 
Marcia McMullen NDSU Extension
Herbicides and Adjuvants: What's New, What Works, What's on the Horizon 2.6mb 
Rich Zollinger NDSU Extension
Marketing Wheat and Barley in 2012 737kb 
Frayne Olson NDSU Extension
A New Look at Small Grains in Crop Rotations 2.3mb 
Pat Carr Dickinson Research Extension Center


2012 Best of the Best in Wheat and Soybean Research and Marketing

January 31 & February 1, 2012
Moorhead, MN and Grand Forks, ND

Presentation TitleFile SizePresenterAffiliation
What Are the Risks and Benefits of Tile Drainage for Wheat and Soybean Production? 7.1mb 
Hans Kandel Dept. of Plant Sciences, NDSU
Preventative and Planting into Fallow: What Is Fallow Syndrome and How Do You Manage It in Wheat and Soybean Production? 1.0mb 
Joel Ransom NDSU Extension
Residue Management: How Do You Manage Corn Residue in the Red River Valley When You Have Wheat and Soybeans in the Rotation? 11.8mb 
Brad Carlson U of M Extension, Mankato
Why Can't I Apply Nitrogen in September?  The Nitrogen Story 261kb 
Albert Sims NWROC/U of M
Overview of the Principles of N-Fertilizer Management and Sources 804kb 
Dave Franzen NDSU Extension
Understanding Soilborne Diseases of Soybean: Minor or Major Production Problems 3.5mb 
Dean Malvick Dept. of Pathology, U of M
Seed Treatments for Soybeans: A Management Tool or a Solution Looking for a Problem? 2.9mb 
Phil Glogoza U of M Extension
Soybean Cyst Nematode: Where Is It Now? 4.4mb 
Sam Markell NDSU Extension
The Canadian Wheat Board: What Effects It Would Have on Our Trade 1.7mb 
Frayne Olson NDSU Extension
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