State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


Phase 1 Documents

File PDF document W-9
File PDF document meetingschedule
File PDF document members
File PDF document travel-expense-reimbursement
File Meeting Schedule Phase 1
File ECMAScript program Phase 1 Committee Guidelines
File Agenda 12 20 16
File Phase 1 Comprehensive Review Plan final
File ECMAScript program SBARE Missions and Mandates
File Agenda 1 30 17
File Pre-work Jan 30 meeting
File application/x-troff-ms Community Forums
File Extension Takes Action 2016
File Troff document Organized Citizen Input by Wiederholt
File SBARE Stakeholder/Constituent Input Process
File Federal Annual Report 2015
File Federal Plan of Work 2017
File 4H Youth Devt Prog Team
File Community Vitality Prog Team
File Crop Mgmt Prog Team
File Troff document Farm Bus Mgmt
File Hort Forest Prog Team
File HDFS Prog Team
File Troff document Livestock Mgmt
File NRM Program Team
File NFSH Prog Team
File Personal & Fam Finance
File Meeting Notes 1/30/17
File Agenda 2/28/17
File image/x-jg NDSU Ext Org Chart
File Meeting Notes 2/28/17
File Agenda 3/22/17
File ECMAScript program Position Description Samples
File Octet Stream State Area Spec List by Prog Area
File Pascal source code Off Campus Spec Map
File Pascal source code ANR Agents Map
File Pascal source code FCS Agents Map
File Pascal source code CV/4-H Agents Map
File Pascal source code FNP/EFNEP County Staffing Map
File Agent Specialization
File Prog Activity 2015 & 2016
File Pascal source code MPUs Map
File text/texmacs Roles of Specialists & Agents
File Addtl Duties of Admin
File Troff document Staff Training Support
File text/texmacs Org Culture Charts
File Octet Stream Retention Rate Data
File ECMAScript program Ext Budget & Expenses
File Octet Stream Salary Data by Prog Area
File ECMAScript program Cost Recovery Guidelines
File Octet Stream Grants & Cost Recov by Prog Area
File Meeting Notes 3/22/17
File Agenda 4/13/17
File Octet Stream Agent turnover by Prog Area
File Agent-in-Training Staffing
File ECMAScript program County Extension Mill Levies
File text/texmacs Maps of Extension Updates to Legislative Districts
File Meeting Notes 4/13/17
File PDF document Meeting Notes 5/16/17
File PDF document Mission Review
File PDF document Changing Needs of the Customer
File PDF document Prog Area Infographics
File PDF document Ag Comm Staff
File PDF document Prog Activity 2015 & 2016
File PDF document Staff Resp Table Q5-12
File PDF document User Resp Table Q4-8
File PDF document Info Deliv Summary
File PDF document Tech Trends
File PDF document NDSU SPA
File PDF document Agenda 5/16/17
File PDF document Committee Report revised w/decisions
File PDF document Meeting Notes 6/14/17
File PDF document Committee Report Outline
File PDF document Agenda 6/14/17
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