State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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October 8, 2014, Mandan

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - October 8, 2014
Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, USDA-ARS, Mandan, ND

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at the USDA-ARS Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, Mandan, ND. Board members in attendance were Leland (Judge) Barth, Mike Beltz, Mark Birdsall, Chris Boerboom, Ken Grafton, Lance Gulleson, Rodney Howe, Jerry Klein, Brian Leier, Keith Peltier, JoAnn Rodenbiker, Richard (Dick) Roland, Lyle Warner and Tom Bodine representing Doug Goehring. Absent: Tracy Boe and Dean Bresciani.

 Chairman Mike Beltz called the meeting to order at 9:32am, and noting a quorum, welcomed the newly appointed members present for their first SBARE meeting, and asked everyone present to make introductions. Chairman Beltz asked for additions or corrections to the agenda and hearing none, it was unanimously approved. No additions or corrections were made to the minutes from the March 5 and May 15, 2014 meetings. Keith Peltier moved to approve the minutes and Jerry Klein seconded it; motion carried.

Administrative Update from Mike Beltz

Chairman Beltz shared that Higher Ed meetings were positive. The initial meetings with local legislators have also gone well. He presented the SBARE initiatives to the Stockmen’s Association recently. SBARE’s nomination of Mr. Bollingberg for the ND Agriculture Hall of Fame was submitted and although he wasn’t chosen in 2014, the nomination stands for five years.

At the request of Governor Dalrymple, Chairman Beltz, Judge Barth, Keith Peltier, and Lyle Warner met with the Governor and OMB to share 2015-2017 SBARE program initiatives, and capital and one-time requests. Discussion was positive and they were able to answer questions and give clarifications as needed. The Governor’s Budget is due to come out December 3.

Chairman Beltz was asked about land for sale near the Research Extension Centers. Dr. Grafton gave the current update on options being explored.

Chairman Beltz also noted that they are making a 2:00 PM presentation today to the OMB at the Capitol.

Administrative Report from Dr. Grafton

Dr. Guiping Yan, new nematologist in the Department of Plant Pathology started July 1. Dr. Greg Lardy, chair of the NDSU Animal Sciences department was thanked for his willingness to step in for Dr. Grafton during his medical leave this summer. A search will begin for an associate Vice President for Agricultural Affairs, to assist with the wide scope of administrative duties. Recent administrative changes include Dr. Jane Schuh, who started in July as the new part-time Associate Director of the ND Agricultural Experiment Station, and was appointed by the NDSU Provost to take over as Interim Dean of College of Business effective Nov. 3.  She will step back from her AES duties until that appointment concludes.

Agronomy labs in Carrington, Hettinger and Langdon are still on track to be done by late spring. Central Grasslands Research Extension Center is on hold. There are plans for the Ag Service Center on the NDSU campus to move west of 18th Street N, relieving traffic and equipment issues and adding working space. On July 29 Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley toured agricultural facilities with President Bresciani and Extension Director Chris Boerboom who filled in for Ken Grafton.

Dr. Grafton noted that Cass County legislators visited NDSU campus at the end of September to visit with President Bresciani and others in NDSU administration in order to understand more about campus building projects. Mike Ellingson, Director of NDSU Facilities Management, explained how the legislative process works regarding building project approval. Three projects are recommended for NDSU. Harris Hall was mentioned as well.

Administrative Report from Dr. Boerboom

During the Lieutenant Governor’s tour, Wrigley was able to learn more about the research being done at the livestock facilities and meet the staff as well. Jack Rasmussen, Chair of Plant Pathology and Rich Horsley, Chair of Plant Sciences showed plant breeding projects in NDSU research plots followed by campus tours of Waldron, Loftsgard, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Harris Halls. The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and the Meat Science areas were also toured.

The Extension Service is currently working to fill openings for a new Director for the Center for Community Vitality, a Livestock Stewardship Specialist, an Executive Director for the 4-H Foundation, and a Dickinson Research Extension Center Agronomist. Groundbreaking took place for the construction projects at the 4-H Camp at Washburn on August 1. Existing buildings have been gutted with remodeling underway, and a foundation for the new building was poured. Completion date is targeted for April, 2015. Dr. Boerboom also shared positive feedback received on the Extension Internship program.

Fargo was the site for hosting the 2014 North Central Cooperative Extension Association Fall Conference on September 8-10. During the conference, the Extension Directors were able to review the results of a survey which showed ratings of each state’s organizational culture based on a Denison survey. Data from 5000 other organizations are used as a comparison, to arrive at an institution’s final rating percentiles. High ratings for NDSU Extension indicate excellent involvement and a very positive internal culture. Extension staff recognize that NDSU values their contributions in North Dakota.

Oakes Update from Garrison Diversion Conservancy District representatives

Duane DeKrey, Deputy Manager of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District and Norman Haak, Garrison Diversion Board of Directors member were present to share an update on the Oakes irrigation project. Mr. DeKrey stated that Garrison has been involved with the project for over 40 years and hopes to find partners to assist with costs as they continue their commitment going forward. Evidence shows the research done at Oakes is very important and helps in perfecting water rights in ND. This year an active local community of support has developed. Property taxes provide some income, but overall funding still falls short. At this time it is hoped to maintain current funding levels; $300K is needed per biennium. Senator Klein asked Chairman Beltz for clarification on whether SBARE is being asked to consider this as a possible item for the 2017-2019 biennium SBARE initiatives. Chairman Beltz affirmed this and stated that SBARE’s current list for 2015-2017 remains unchanged.

‘Friend of SBARE’ Award discussion

Chairman Beltz asked members for feedback on the award going forward. No nominations were submitted this year; Keith Peltier made a motion that the board regard the ‘Friend of SBARE’ Award a special award subject to Board approval of a worthy recipient. Judge Barth seconded the motion. Discussion included general agreement that the award may be annual or less than annual as deemed appropriate by the Board; recipients could be anyone making a significant or worthy contribution to the causes of agriculture in North Dakota. Members voted and the motion was carried.

Agricultural Research Fund

Senator Klein was asked to give members an update on a legislative bill drafted for amending and reenacting a Century Code relating to fuel tax refunds and special fuels excise tax. Additional sponsors are being sought; several colleagues have indicated awareness of the issues. Chairman Beltz thanked him on behalf of SBARE for his efforts. Current percentage breakdowns in the draft were noted. Members generally agreed that it is still early and feedback from others in ag could lead to adjustments further down the road. SBARE will keep current Initiatives in focus, and work on this in addition.

Measure 3 Update

Other Discussion: As a state entity, the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education has no opinion on measures facing vote. Regarding Measure Three, members understand that if the SBHE is dissolved, it impacts SBARE.

A member inquired about any further details that might be known about the National Corn Genotyping lab planned for Fargo. It will be part of the USDA area north of the NDSU campus. While being a positive for North Dakota agriculture, the details of how this will impact future NDSU breeding research are not yet clear.

Report on Dr. Grafton’s 3-year Performance Evaluation

Rodney Howe, a member of Dr. Grafton’s 13-member performance evaluation committee, shared that SBARE Statute stipulates that the board shall be involved with the evaluation process. Due to Dr. Grafton’s unique scope of responsibilities, it is a complex process and members were drawn from several areas in agriculture both within NDSU and from stakeholders in North Dakota agriculture. A survey was also widely issued with numerous respondents offering feedback. Dr. Grafton’s overall rating was highly positive; key points include being regarded as an excellent communicator, program developer, and fund development supporter. The College has expanded under his fair and objective leadership. Rodney stated that Grafton received many commendations from the committee, adding that his honesty and integrity make him a highly valued partner within SBARE. Chairman Beltz commended Dr. Grafton and JoAnn Rodenbiker thanked Rodney for his commitment in representing SBARE in the process.

Election of Officers

Vice Chairman Keith Peltier opened up nominations for Chairman of the Board. Rodney Howe was asked to share any nominations from the Nomination Committee. Mike Beltz was nominated for Chairman. Hearing no additional nominations, Lyle Warner moved to cease nominations and cast a unanimous vote to accept Mike Beltz as Chair. Jerry Klein seconded the motion. The motion passed. Chairman Beltz thanked the board for the privilege of serving, and giving him the opportunity to continue as Chair. Chairman Beltz asked Rodney for the nominations for Vice Chairman. Keith Peltier was nominated to serve as Vice Chair, with no additional nominations. Lyle Warner moved to cease nominations and cast a unanimous vote for Peltier. Jerry Klein seconded the motion. The motion passed. Peltier thanked the board for the privilege to serve them again.

ARS Presentation

Tim Faller shared that an upcoming March 2, 2015 workshop will be an example of a new effort being done with one of their cooperative projects. John Hendrickson stated that the project at Standing Rock with NDSU is a lead among a multi-institution effort, through the Learning Pathways component. It is a community effort to improve quality of life for people as well as wildlife, seeking to address unemployment, poor diet, and natural resources management among other issues. An NDSU graduate student is researching prairie dog overpopulation which is taking valuable forage; another is working on range problems. Sitting Bull College is developing a master’s program in Environmental Science. ARS is slated to hold some symposiums on this project both in North Dakota and nationally. Cal Thorson says this is just the first step in a long-term vision of establishing an industry that can be managed and expanded by locals; currently the land and people need to be prepared to take on the challenges that are faced. At this time, short term funding and grants support it.

Chairman Beltz asked members about upcoming meeting date possibilities. December 17 was noted as a tentative date, likely in a Fargo location.

Jerry Klein motioned to adjourn the meeting with Keith Peltier seconding the motion. All were in favor and the meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

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