State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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October 31, 2013, Bismarck

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - October 31, 2013
State Capitol Brynhild Haugland room

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at the North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck, ND on October 31. Board members in attendance were Leland (Judge) Barth, Mike Beltz, Tracy Boe, Chris Boerboom, Dean Bresciani, Doug Goehring, Ken Grafton, Rodney Howe, Jerry Klein, Brian Leier, Doyle Lentz, Keith Peltier, JoAnn Rodenbiker, and Lyle Warner. Absent were Richard (Dick) Roland and Paul Langseth.

Chairman Beltz called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., and noting a quorum, welcomed everyone to make introductions. He asked for additions or corrections to the agenda. Hearing none, the agenda was unanimously approved. He asked for additions or corrections to the meeting minutes from the previous SBARE meeting of September 13, 2013. Hearing none, the meeting minutes were unanimously approved by the board.

Administrative Reports from Drs. Grafton and Boerboom

Dr. Ken Grafton – North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES) update:

Dr. Grafton gave a warm welcome and word of appreciation for Tim Faller, who was in attendance following recovery from serious health complications. He continued with NDAES updates.

The NDSU Greenhouse is awaiting a certifying agency to inspect and approve the facility for operation. The Foundation Seed Stock program is funding construction of temporary seed storage building to alleviate congestion in Waldron Hall. The search will soon start for the full time Associate Director for the ND Ag Experiment Station, a position currently filled part-time by Dr. Marcia McMullen. A search committee is being formed and a job description is being developed. The College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources (CAFSNR) saw record enrollment this year and has the largest enrollment of all the NDSU colleges at 1777 students. For six years in a row CAFSNR has set a record; this reflects the strong agricultural market in our state.

Dr. Chris Boerboom – NDSU Extension Service update:

Dr. Boerboom reported that interviews are underway for the sugarbeet agronomist and area livestock specialist at the CGREC. A great deal of turnover has occurred in Extension recently, especially in the northwest region of the state. One agent in the northwest has gone to an oil patch job. The cost of living adjustment (COLA) relief sought from the Emergency Commission was given minimal support. The Department of Trust Lands has some funding available to help salary support so Extension and RECs will apply for their support. JLG Architects are working with 4-H on the new building and renovations to the Western 4-H camp.

Ag Research Fund: Judge Barth reported on his research for ways to grow the Ag Research Fund. He distributed a list of five possible ideas for discussion. Chairman Beltz suggested the board consider and discuss these options, and invited comments. Discussion followed and it was decided that options should be kept open at this time. As fluctuations occur and we should continue to gather information and stay alert.

Seed Plant Report: Keith Peltier reported that discussions with the agronomy seed farm and research extension center directors centered on outdated equipment issues with seed plants. The group is attempting to reach consensus on how to obtain funds and an appropriate solution to update the equipment.

Ag Hall of Fame: Chairman Beltz nominated John Bollingberg for the Ag Hall of Fame nomination. Rodney Howe made a motion to support the nomination, and Jerry Klein seconded this. All were in favor and the motion was carried.

9:30: Chairman Beltz opened the floor to hear constituent presentations to SBARE.  The following individuals talked about programs/initiatives important to them as related to the SBARE budget planning process.

ND Grain Growers - Dan Wogsland

The ND 4-H Foundation - Maureen Ming

USDA-ARS NGP Research Lab - Matt Sanderson

Extension Community Vitality work - Kelsey Timmer

ND Crop Improvement and Seed Association - John Schatz, Del Gates, Mark Birdsall

Garrison Diversion Conservation District - Dave Kohland

ND Irrigation Association (re: Oakes Irrigation site) - Jerry Schaack

AARP of North Dakota - Janis Cheney

ND Stockmen’s Association - Julie Schaff Ellingson

Dickinson Research Extension Center - Kris Ringwall

Carrington Research Extension Center - Blaine Schatz

ND Beef Cattle Improvement Association - Kelly Unruh & Tim Meyer

1:45 p.m. - Meeting continuation of morning business items:

Judge Barth asked Chairman Beltz for permission to continue following up on Ag Research Fund options and seek some additional information based on today’s discussion. Permission was granted by the chairman. Rodney Howe asked Ken Grafton if Lori Capouch could provide a synopsis of ARF-funded research to the board at a future date. Ken asked for clarification on what information should be included and how many years back; discussion followed. Possibly go back five years and show significant/important projects.

Future tentative meeting dates were discussed: December 18 tentatively at Carrington, ND. January 10 is the first 2014 date (tentative).

Having no other business, Chairman Beltz asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jerry Klein made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Lyle Warner seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 2:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lorie Herbel.

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