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September 20, 2011, Streeter

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Approved Minutes – September 20, 2011
Central Grasslands Research Extension Center, Streeter, ND

Members of the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education were welcomed to the Central Grasslands Research Extension Center by director of the center, Paul Nyren at 9:00 a.m. on September 20.  Board members in attendance were Mike Beltz,  John Bollingberg, Dean Bresciani, Bob Christman (representing Doug Goehring), Jerry Effertz, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Rodney Howe, Doyle Johannes, Paul Langseth, Doyle Lentz, and JoAnn Rodenbiker.

Nyren presented a slide show summarizing the work done at research Extension center.  His presentation was followed by a walking tour of the immediate buildings and grounds, and a subsequent bus tour, which included an overview of the research conducted on the grounds.  Brian Neville, Guojie Wang, Bob Patton and Xuejun Dong talked about their programs during the driving tour.

The board convened for their business meeting at 12:40 p.m.  Chairman Rodney Howe thanked Nyren and his staff for their presentations and noted that this is an exceptionally unique facility.

Minutes from the July 12-13 SBARE meetings were approved as distributed.

Board members reviewed the proposed committee list for the Agricultural Research Fund.  Doyle Lentz made a motion to approve the list as presented and Mike Beltz seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Chairman Howe reviewed the day’s agenda and reported that SBARE listening/input sessions will begin soon.  He noted that today he has asked Ken Grafton and Duane Hauck to review the initiatives that have been funded over the years and report on progress with those programs.

Duane Hauck distributed a summary of the enhancements to the Extension budget over the past four legislative sessions.  He reviewed the summary and also shared a handout that provided information about the work of the Extension Service with the statewide flooding.

Jerry Doan, former SBARE member currently serving on the Rural Leadership North Dakota Council, said that the leadership program has turned a corner and is transitioning into an effective agriculture leadership program.  He stated that he worked with legislators during the last session to successfully find additional resources for the program outside of the ag and Extension budgets.

Duane Hauck suggested board members visit the Dragon Fly Garden on the campus of United Tribes Technical College if they get a chance.  Hauck said that the collaborative project was created under the leadership of Tom Kalb, Extension Horticulturist in Bismarck, and it is anticipated the garden will become a “destination” in that area.

Ken Grafton distributed information on SBARE initiatives funded in the experiment station budget during the past four sessions.  He stated that SBARE has done a fantastic job over the years and both the research and Extension base budgets have been increased substantially due to the work of the board.

Grafton told SBARE that the rebids for the final phase of the greenhouse were opened on August 23 and he was happy to report that they came in under budget and the project is moving forward.

Rodney Howe reminded SBARE members that it is very important to maintain credibility with legislators, Governor’s staff, and Chancellor’s office.  He noted that during a recent SBARE report to the State Board of Higher Education, SBARE received high marks and he noted that has not always been the case, indicating the relationship has evolved and grown over the years.

Howe said he was troubled that during the last legislative session there seemed to be some opposition from within the ag community and within the SBARE board.  He again reminded board members that their job is to prioritize the needs and stay with the list.  Howe indicated it was stressed by some legislators that SBARE needs to work together to reach agreement.  Howe said there is always time for questions and comments at the end of the meetings and it is important to resolve issues and end with a consensus.

Howe had the following thoughts going forward:
1.  It will be important to find a permanent solution for oil revenue issue at the Dickinson Research Extension Center.

2.  The seed cleaning plants need to be addressed and he has asked Paul Langseth to chair a committee that will provide SBARE with several options and to bring some clarity.

3.  Some board members have felt too rushed when acting on proposed capitol improvement projects so it has been requested that they be presented earlier.

4.  Board member Mike Beltz will be SBARE’s representative on the Wine and Grape Committee.

5.  Board member Robert Bahm has been asked to represent SBARE on the search committee for soil health recruits.

Chairman Howe said he is open to suggestions for budget planning, but noted that due to the potentially late harvest, SBARE’s listening sessions will not begin until mid-November.  Potential SBARE meeting dates are November 17-18 in Bismarck and December 8-9 in Fargo.  He added that SBARE will be sending letters to stakeholders/constituents inviting their input to the budget planning process.  Howe suggested board members submit names of individuals they would like included.

President Bresciani said he has been overwhelmed by the potential of NDSU to contribute to the success of North Dakota, adding NDSU has never contributed more than now, regardless of being underfunded.  Bresciani told board members that the Legislature wants a review of funding of higher education systems and he welcomes that.  He indicated it is exciting to be a part of the state’s economic success and noted that agriculture is the bedrock/foundation and SBARE is a big part of the success.

Jerry Effertz thanked Paul Nyren and his staff for the enjoyable day.  Effertz noted that SBARE’s first meeting held at Streeter took place in the old “shop” building that was set up to accommodate the board, noting the changes since that time.  He reminded SBARE to stick with their legislative duties, dealing with needs, not wants.  Effertz suggested it is important that board members not let SBARE’s work be taken for granted.

Rodney Howe said SBARE needs to maintain balance and unity.

Jerry Doan commended the board, noting the earlier days of SBARE were tumultuous and the board has really come a long way.  He suggested the importance of keeping SBARE alumni informed and involved in agriculture and Extension issues.

Bob Christman suggested recognition for the North Central Research Extension Center for opening their doors to animals and pets during the historic Minot area floods.

The meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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