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January 13, 2011, Mandan

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Approved Minutes – January 13, 2011
Mandan, North Dakota

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at the USDA-ARS Northern Plains Research facility in Mandan, North Dakota, on January 13, 2011, beginning at 1:05 p.m.  Members present were Mike Beltz, John Bollingberg, Tom Borgen, Dean Bresciani, Bob Christman (for Doug Goehring), D.C. Coston, Jerry Effertz, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Rodney Howe, Doyle Johannes, Paul Langseth, Doyle Lentz, Phil Mueller, and JoAnn Rodenbiker.

SBARE chair Rodney Howe called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the October 22, 2010, meeting were unanimously approved as distributed following a motion made by Jerry Effertz and seconded by Doyle Lentz.

Julie Ellingson, Executive Vice President of the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, talked with SBARE about a legislative bill relating to animal welfare.  She indicated that ag stakeholders are concerned that there may be issues with the bill and encouraged taking a slow approach.  She added that stakeholders looked at the current statute and suggested some changes, noting that the bill draft had a number of things added creating concern among the ag community that this was not the same bill worked on over the last session.  Ellingson told SBARE she did not expect the bill to emerge.

Doyle Johannes asked Ellingson if there have been any changes regarding penalties for animal welfare abuses and she indicated that the state wants to enhance the penalties to felonies.

Jerry Effertz said that SB2080 relates to dispensing veterinary drugs, and creates, through the pharmacy board, a new series of permits and educational requirements for dispensing drugs if an individual is not a veterinarian.

Howe said the 2011 Agricultural Research Fund granting committees need SBARE approval.  D.C. Coston made a motion to approve as previously distributed and Paul Langseth seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The SBARE chair’s report included:

1.      Budget recommendations are a great start, but input and ideas are needed as things progress.

2.      Representative Phil Mueller has been appointed to SBARE by the Legislative Council.

3.      The North Dakota Ag Coalition provided strong, but not unanimous, support for SBARE’s proposed budget.

4.      Senator Randy Christmann has asked SBARE to discuss predator control.

President Dean Bresciani said he is excited about opportunities for the state, North Dakota agriculture and NDSU.  He noted that the emerging relationship with UND has been positively received by legislators and citizens, and NDSU will benefit from that relationship.

Jerry Effertz asked if SBARE might have an impact on the NDSU/UND relationship.  Bresciani responded that President Kelly has a good understanding of agriculture’s importance and has learned that agriculture plays a different role in North Dakota than in other states he has worked.

D.C. Coston distributed copies of the latest initiative accountability report.  He also shared information about the federal budget and explained how research and Extension could be affected, noting there is talk of rolling back the federal budgets to 2008 appropriated levels.  Coston suggested SBARE may be asked for assistance in working with the federal delegation to protect formula funds, earmarks and competitive grants funding.

Following the federal budget discussion, Doyle Lentz made a motion to authorize the chair of SBARE to work with NDSU agriculture administrators to respond to federal requests as appropriate.  John Bollingberg seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Duane Hauck reported that the Extension Service is in the middle of its meeting season and he encouraged SBARE members to participate in events as their schedules allow.  He added there is strong interest and attendance by the state’s constituents.

Hauck noted there is concern over potential retirements of nearly thirty percent of the North Dakota Extension Service work force.  He added the people participating in the agents-in-training program are very good, but with the small pool of applicants, it becomes difficult to find individuals considering a career in Extension. 

Ken Grafton reported that there is one candidate for the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department chair, adding that he plans to start chair searches in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, Plant Sciences, and Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences.

Grafton also informed SBARE that the new beef research facility should be completed by the end of the month and a second range of greenhouses should be ready to occupy in late February.  Two additional compartments in the greenhouse should be completed by August and there is an extensive list of scientists waiting for space.

Tim Faller thanked Cal Thorson and Jill Gunderson for hosting today’s meeting.  Faller said there has been a good relationship between NDSU and the USDA/ARS over the years, noting that both he and ABEN Assistant Professor Dr. Igathi Cannayen are housed at the research lab.

Faller introduced ARS employees Matt Sanderson, Mark Liebig, and John Hendrickson, who reported on their work at the research laboratory.

Research and Extension employees provided updates on their programs as follows:

Tom Kalb, Extension Horticulturist in Bismarck talked about his horticulture program.

Glen Muske, Rural and Agribusiness Development Specialist, reported on his educational programing efforts.

Ben Geaumont, Range Science Post-Doc at Hettinger, discussed multiple land use.

Guojie Wang, Forage Agronomist at Streeter, reported on efforts with biomass for energy production.

Chairman Howe reported that he, Senator Jerry Klein, and Ag Budget Director Dave Ruhland met with Pam Sharp, Office of Management and Budget Director, regarding Main Station bond payments.  The group learned that the payments are part of an accounting process that provides better tracking by OMB.  They were told it was a difficult process to change.  Additionally, they were assured it will not artificially inflate the budget.

Duane Hauck and Ken Grafton presented a summary of the Governor’s budget recommendation as a review for board members.  SBARE members were asked to identify ways to enhance the recommendation.  Representative Mueller stressed the need to maintain the recommendation and continue to move forward.

Board members discussed about the budget and all agreed that the recommendations were very positive.  They agreed it will be important to discuss the entire priority list and protect the proposed budget request.

Mike Beltz indicated that there is some interest in the number four initiative and he suggested possible modifications to “Gearing up for Kindergarten” to better reflect the ability of Extension to carry out the plan.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Notes provided by Ken Grafton and prepared by Margaret Olson


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