State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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October 31, 2007, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Approved Minutes - October 31, 2007
NDSU Alumni Center, Fargo, ND

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at the NDSU Alumni Center in Fargo, North Dakota, on October 31, beginning at 8 a.m. Members present were John Bollingberg, D.C. Coston, Jerry Effertz, Carol Goodman, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Doyle Johannes, Paul Langseth, Larry Lee, and Doyle Lentz.

Chairman Jerry Effertz called the meeting to order and welcomed visitors. Following introductions, the minutes of the June 26, 2007, meeting were approved as distributed.

Ken Grafton and Duane Hauck reviewed the status of the initiatives funded by the 2007 Legislature as related to research and extension programs.

D.C. Coston told SBARE that the search is in progress for a new director of the Northern Crops Institute, noting that Patricia Berglund will retire December 7.

Coston reported that NDSU has filed a friend of the court motion supporting industrial hemp production in North Dakota.

Updates on capital projects:

Dave Buchanan, head of animal sciences, reported that department faculty and staff have visited Minnesota, South Dakota and Missouri to look at beef research facilities. The visits will provide necessary information before proceeding with detailed planning for the facility.

Jerry Effertz asked ag administrators if the $80,000 appropriated by the Legislature for the beef research facility has been spent yet and if a location has been selected.

Ken Grafton responded that the location needs to be determined very soon, adding that there is a possibility of using approximately $500,000 in federal funds to support the project. He noted that if that use of the federal funds is approved, the money would need to be spent by September 30, 2008.

Jerry warned that the beef industry is very concerned with speed of progress and will be discussing at a meeting this Friday in Jamestown.

Grafton distributed drawings of the new campus greenhouse project, indicating that faculty, committee members and campus administrators have been meeting and planning since July and it is expected that bids will be let in late January, in plenty of time for early spring groundbreaking.

Jerry Effertz expressed excitement about the project finally being realized and said he plans to ask for an additional $14 million during the next legislative session, noting that the groundwork is in place. He stated that he met with President Chapman on October 30 and said the President is willing to talk with the Development Foundation about providing support in raising $3 million.

Following discussion and encouragement from Effertz, Larry Lee made a motion that SBARE go on record thanking President Chapman for his support of the greenhouse project and his willingness to encourage the NDSU Development Foundation to support raising $3 million for the greenhouse project. Doyle Johannes seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Blaine Schatz, director of the Carrington Research Extension Center, and Chris Schauer, director of the Hettinger Research Extension Center, updated the board on the progress of headquarters additions/renovations, both indicating construction work should begin following the spring thaw.

Ken Grafton noted that the Legislature reduced the amount of funding requested for the research extension center additions, leaving the North Central Research Extension Center short on the money needed to complete their renovations. He said it will be important to have discussions to deal with the shortfall.

Jay Fisher, director of the North Central Research Extension Center, reported that the equipment storage facility at Minot is in the design phase.

Jerry Effertz reminded SBARE that acquiring general fund dollars for buildings at the research extension centers is a major accomplishment as original facilities were built without any general fund money.

Effertz distributed reports on the Agricultural Research Fund 2007 revenues and allocations for 2007-08. Agricultural Research Fund granting committees were also briefly discussed. Following discussion, Larry Lee made a motion to approve the 2007-08 list of granting committees as presented. Carol Goodman seconded the motion, which passed.

Chairman Effertz explained to the board that he had asked John Bollingberg to chair an SBARE subcommittee to work on some governance issues. The committee met and has three recommendations for board approval.

1.    Regarding the strategic plan that the board has been working on the past months, the subcommittee recommends that SBARE go on record as being appreciative of the process, stating they understand the mission, and are cognizant not to exceed the authority given by the North Dakota Century Code.

Effertz commented that Mel Nelson, Executive Management Systems, has done a superior job of engaging SBARE and that the process was extremely interesting. He added that SBARE does not have the financial resources to support such an effort and he thanked Vice President Coston for covering the costs associated with the contracted services.

Coston stated that he felt the process helped the board members get to know each other better and that helps to position the board to continue to serve the state and be more effective in the future.

Duane Hauck added that he appreciated the positive engagement and hopes it resonates as the board continues its work. Hauck stated that he believes the role statement developed is a good definition of SBARE’s role and he is appreciative of Mel Nelson’s guidance.

The board approved the recommendation of the subcommittee.

2.    The subcommittee recommended changing the point value from three to five in the priority (evaluation) process and the board approved the recommendation.

3.    The subcommittee recommended that Jerry Effertz be elected as SBARE chair and Rodney Howe as vice chair. Vice President Coston, on behalf of board chair Effertz, called for a vote and the recommendation was unanimously approved by the board.

Jerry Effertz told SBARE that this is a very exciting time for the state and region, especially those on campus. He encouraged programs to be submitted for consideration, stressing that SBARE is always open for input.

Effertz introduced Deland Myers, who recently joined NDSU as the director of the newly established School of Food Systems. Myers told the board that he is listening, learning a lot and that his goal is to build the School of Food Systems. He plans to travel out in the state and work on ways to grow the school.

Larry Lee made a motion that SBARE go on record thanking the Jerry Effertz and Rodney Howe for their service as chair and vice chair this past year. John Bollingberg seconded the motion, complimenting Jerry on his boldness, audacity and success. The motion passed.

D.C. Coston talked about the November 8-9 input gathering session in Bismarck next week and noted that the dates will not work for everyone and other opportunities need to be made available.

Neal Fisher, North Dakota Wheat Commission, distributed a letter from the commission regarding wheat initiatives and said he plans to talk with SBARE at a later meeting.

Effertz mentioned that SBARE will tentatively plan to meet in Bismarck on November 27 and there may be time at that session for more input gathering.

Coston invited board members to join him at a media conference with Governor Hoeven at 11 a.m. He told SBARE that the media event is scheduled in conjunction with an EMPOWER North Dakota meeting being held on campus today.

The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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