State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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April 19, 2006, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Approved Minutes - April 19, 2006
Loftsgard Hall, Fargo, ND


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at Loftsgard Hall on the NDSU campus  in Fargo on April 19 beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Members present were John Bollingberg, Tom Borgen, D.C. Coston, Jerry Effertz, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Rodney Howe, Doyle Johannes, Paul Langseth, Larry Lee and Jeff Weispfenning (for Roger Johnson).

Chairman Jerry Effertz welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked all present to introduce themselves.  He invited SBARE members to view additional input, in form of letters and emails, received since the last SBARE meeting.

Larry Lee made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 22 meeting as distributed.  The motion was seconded by Paul Langseth and passed.

D. C. Coston briefed SBARE members as follows:

  1. A letter was submitted to the federal delegation, on behalf of SBARE,  requesting support for continued base funding for research and Extension.
  2. A Scab Summit, targeted at agricultural leaders, will be held at the North Central Research Extension Center in Minot on April 25.
  3. A local radio station recently broadcast from a lab in Loftsgard Hall as part of their “Tour of Excellence.”  NDSU faculty and staff participated in the program, showcasing agriculture.
  4. The Harvest Bowl executive committee has selected John Bollingberg as the 2006 Harvest Bowl Agribusiness Honoree.

Duane Hauck told SBARE that the Extension Service is in the final stages of interviews for the Karen Zotz replacement.

Ken Grafton noted:

  1. The search continues for a faculty member to work as a bean breeder.
  2. Architects are working on drawings for the facility at Central Grasslands Research Extension Center at Streeter.
  3. Work continues on the new building project at the North Central Research Extension Center at Minot.
  4. Entomology chair, Gary Brewer, has announced his resignation from NDSU; he plans to take a position in Nebraska.

D.C. Coston reported on the work with the Beef Systems Center of Excellence, indicating there was a meeting with potential investors yesterday.  Coston said there are commitments of $1.2 million with additional verbal commitments.  He added that more investor meetings are scheduled with hope of gathering actual pledges of $3.5 million by April 30.  Coston told board members that the analysis of the potential building for the center indicated it would work well and an offer has been made contingent on raising start-up funds.

Grafton told SBARE that the greenhouse project fundraising effort is being addressed.  A group met to brainstorm and they have developed a list of names to submit to the NDSU Development Foundation for a feasibility study.

D.C. Coston reminded SBARE that the Center of Excellence for Agbiotechnology received $2 million for work with oilseeds, specifically canola.  He said partnering with NDSU in the center are Monsanto, ADM and Dakota Skies.  Coston added that representatives from ADM are planning to visit NDSU April 24 to meet faculty and tour facilities.  Some ADM representatives will fly on to Minot for the groundbreaking of the biodiesel plant at Velva the same day.

Grafton said Monsanto representatives visited campus yesterday, talking about how to evaluate and further develop materials that Monsanto is providing for the Center of Excellence.  He said the meeting was extremely productive.

Responding to a question about support for the AgBiotechnology Center of Excellence at the end of the four years, Grafton indicated that the expectaion for all of the centers was that they be self-sustaining after the initial funding is expended.

Coston distributed additional documents related to the Grow 21 information shared at past meetings, indicating he hopes the information provides clarification.

Paul Langseth questioned the value of moving ahead with the bioproducts funding now, noting that it may be too early, but Coston said North Dakota needs to position itself to be a prime energy source when opportunities arise.  He said when people approach us, opportunities and federal support will be enhanced by having components in place to deal with the import of funds.  Ken Grafton added that other states already have faculty working in the areas of biomass and we need to stay competitive.

Duane Hauck presented a list of priorities from administration, noting that Extension continues to consider 4-H and leadership as the top priority, adding that the Rural Leadership ND has had a huge impact statewide.

Ken Grafton told SBARE members that the highest priority for research is equipment and operating funds.

Following some discussion and review of additional documentation supporting the 4-H and leadership programs, Rodney Howe told Hauck that although the data is impressive, some legislators may ask if those needs should be met by other agencies.  Hauck explained that social service programs are geared to treat problems, but the Extension Service works to prevent problems.

Jerry Effertz suggested reviewing the program priority list line by line allowing SBARE members the opportunity to ask questions and become better informed with requests/needs.

John Bollingberg made a motion, seconded by Paul Langseth, to support bioproducts/bioenergy development at $700,000.  The motion passed.

Tom Borgen made a motion, seconded by John Bollingberg, to support waste management as presented.  The motion passed.

For voting purposes, Paul Langseth made a motion that the top priority for research be listed as equipment and operating and the top priority listed for Extension be 4-H and leadership.  John seconded the motion and following some discussion the motion passed.

John Bollingberg made a motion, seconded by Rodney Howe, to support pest management as presented.   The motion passed.

Doyle Johannes made a motion, seconded by Paul Langseth, to support pulse improvement as presented.  The motion passed.

Larry Lee made a motion, seconded by Tom Borgen, to support scab (operating, NDAWN, etc.) as presented.  The motion passed.

Larry Lee made a motion, seconded by Tom Borgen, to support the REC support staff and Extension operating as presented.  The motion passed.

Larry Lee made a motion, seconded by John Bollingberg, to support the livestock development initiative as presented.  The motion passed.

John Bollingberg made a motion, seconded by Larry Lee, to support the food industry enhancement initiative as presented.  The motion passed.

Larry Lee made a motion, seconded by Doyle Johannes, to approve host resistance and pest research as presented.  The motion passed.

Larry Lee made a motion to consolidate the remainder of the ranked initiatives and approve them at once.  Doyle Johannes seconded the motion.

Jerry Effertz stated that he preferred to discuss each initiative individually.

Paul Langseth moved to amend the motion to approve all remaining ranked initiatives as one following discussion of each.  Tom Borgen seconded the amendment which passed with Larry Lee opposed.  The motion was approved as amended.

Louis Arnold, chair of the North Dakota Barley Council, talked with SBARE about the loss of the two-row barley breeder at NDSU.  Arnold requested a statement in the Grow 21 document to indicate an assistant to the barley breeder will be stationed at Williston working with two-row and six-row barley.

Ken Grafton told Arnold that his concerns were addressed in the Grow 21 document, but Jerry Effertz encouraged administrators to clarify and write more specifically to address the Barley Council’s concerns.

Board members discussed the ag business development initiative and several expressed concern with the large dollar amount requested.  Following discussion Rodney Howe made a motion to divide the initiative into two packages – package A would include two business development specialists and $100,000 operating for a total of $420,000 and the balance would make up package B.  John Bollingberg seconded the motion, which failed to pass.

Larry Lee made a motion to substitute the amount included for the proposed ag business development initiative ($1,468,000) with $420,000, which would include two business development associates and $100,000 in operating funds.  Paul Langseth seconded the motion.  Board members discussed the value of getting the program up and running with this initial support.  The motion passed with John Bollingberg opposed.

All remaining initiatives were briefly discussed and Warren Sundquist, vice president of the North Dakota Pork Producers, addressed SBARE, thanking them for going in the right direction by including a swine specialist in the Grow 21 priority list.  Sundquist said it is important to have a resource and added that the ag business development initiative is a good one.

Paul Langseth made a motion to approve the remaining initiatives as presented and Tom Borgen seconded the motion, which passed.

Board members discussed how to proceed with ranking and Rodney Howe made a motion to use a 5-3-1 rating scale (5 = greatest).  Larry Lee seconded the motion, which passed.

Board members proceeded to do their prioritization and the results were computed.  Effertz distributed copies of the ranked initiatives.

Bruce Bollinger stated that the SBHE has not set specific budget guidelines, but that the University System Office set a range between 8-15% of current general fund budget.  He added that the Grow 21 initiatives added up to approximately $9 million and the list can be adjusted to fit within the University System guidelines.

Patricia Berglund, director of the Northern Crops Institute, updated board members.  She stated that the NCI has hired a crop quality specialist, as supported by the ND Legislature last session.  Additional funding was received from the North Dakota Dry Pea and Lentil and North Dakota Oilseed Council.  Berglund indicated that value-added processing is growing and demands are great.  If additional funds were available, the Northern Crops Council Board of Directors would recommend equipment, operating for the crop quality specialist, adding a processor and enhancement for commodities addressing crop diversity.

Louis Arnold stated that when visiting Canada, he witnessed that they are way ahead of North Dakota in marketing because of their government support, adding North Dakota should be more supportive.

Tom Borgen made a motion to accept and approve the Grow 21 ranking as presented.  Larry Lee seconded the motion, which passed.

Ken Grafton distributed copies of proposed general fund requests for capital improvement projects.  Projects included:

  1. Phase II of greenhouse complex
  2. Completion of headquarters renovations/additions to research extension centers.  Grafton recommended the three projects be packaged together: Carrington, Streeter and Hettinger
  3. Enhancement of beef facility at main station (southwest corner of I-29 and 19th avenue north)

Grafton indicated that non-general fund requests include:

  1. Waste management facility at Dickinson
  2. Parking lot at Dickinson

Bruce Bollinger stated that the State Board of Higher Education requests a ranking of general fund capital requests and endorsement of deferred maintenance and extraordinary repair requests.

Rodney Howe made a motion to approve ranking of capital project requests as presented, endorse deferred maintenance request and support the non-general fund requests at Dickinson.  John Bollingberg seconded the motion, which passed.

Jerry Effertz reminded SBARE members that July 13 is the dedication at Dickinson Research Extension Center, adding that there will also be a centennial celebration.

Prior to adjournment at 3:30 p.m., Paul Nyren announced that Central Grasslands Research Extension Center will celebrate its 25th anniversary along with a groundbreaking on June 28.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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