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October 25, 2005, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - October 25, 2005
Doublewood Inn - Fargo, ND

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at the Doublewood Inn in Fargo on October 25, 2005 beginning at 7:45 a.m.  Members present were Ole Aarsvold, Bob Bahm, John Bollingberg, Tom Borgen, Randy Christmann, D.C. Coston, Jerry Doan, Jerry Effertz, Edd Goerger, Carol Goodman, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Roger Johnson, Paul Langseth and Larry Lee.

Chair Jerry Effertz called the meeting to order, explained that the meeting was being held in conjunction with the fall research extension conference, introductions were made and the agenda was approved as presented.

At 8:00 a.m., the board joined a conference group to hear a presentation by Ken Odde regarding  proposed plans for the Beef Systems Center for Excellence and a briefing by Roger Johnson, who talked about plans to address livestock expansion in North Dakota referencing SB2147, which was passed during the last legislative session.

The board reconvened following the presentations and the minutes of the July 15 meeting were approved as distributed.

D.C. Coston shared the following thoughts:
1. We are challenged to think more in terms of systems and complete supply chains.
2. We need to grow management sophistication to help rural areas with long-term success.
3. Things that occur around agriculture are vital to making it happen - good management is needed to create and maintain lifestyles so families can live in rural areas in a more interdisciplinary manner.
4. We need to assure that NDSU staff get involved in economic development efforts wherever they are.
5. We need to stay positive and do whatever we can to improve visibility that will help Aimport funds.@

Ken Grafton noted:
1. There have been quite a few faculty and staff changes, including several new hires and positions that are currently being recruited.
2. The AES recently entered into a long-term lease with the Department of Transportation to allow for expansion of Interstate 29.
3. Although the research extension center at Hettinger has traditionally worked with sheep research, they were recently awarded a competitive federal grant that includes beef research.  The grant examines multiple land uses.
4. The proposal for the Ag Biotechnology Center for Excellence was not selected for funding by the state review committee, but plans are to resubmit during the next call.  Grafton suggested a letter of support from SBARE would be helpful in that application process.
5. A memo of agreement to develop joint Ph.D. programs with Puerto Rico was signed recently.

Duane Hauck reported:
1. Between September 30, 2004 and October 1, 2005 the Extension Service has documented over 600,000 face-to-face contacts.
2. The Rural Leadership North Dakota Program recently graduated its first class.  The second class includes 24 participants and the commitment to the program remains strong.
3. Note the information in the eXtension brochure which explains the program that is intended to provide the best of the best information to extension agents, as well as the general public.
4. SBARE members are invited to participate in the ARural America Competing in New Economy@ conference being held in Minot on November 10.
5. A summary of emerging issues for Extension in the north central region of the U.S. was distributed.

Jerry Doan (representing SBARE livestock subcommittee chair Rod Howe) reported that the subcommittee has been very actively involved in the Beef Systems Center for Excellence work.  Doan encouraged members of SBARE to keep talking and asking questions about the project.

Jerry Effertz asked about the appropriate role for NDSU/SBARE with the beef project.

D.C. Coston responded that at some point NDSU=s role with the development of the center needs to be completed and the focus needs to be on the research and teaching component.

Jerry Effertz expressed some concern regarding the legislative intent of section nine of SB2020 that states that SBARE enters into a business partnership agreement for the Beef Systems Center of Excellence.  Jerry Doan said he felt that the language suggests involvement in the process not entering into a contractual agreement.  Coston said he did not think SBARE could enter into an agreement, but could endorse NDSU=s work.  Christmann said he would check with the Legislative Council for clarification.  Roger Johnson stated that the language could be interpreted to mean NDSU and SBARE endorse the research component of the project and the associated positions would not be filled until there is a business plan in place.

Edmund Goerger reported on work of the SBARE crops subcommittee as follows:
1. They heard testimony from Eric Bartsch, ND Dry Pea and Lentil Association, about needs in the industry.
2. A committee is being formed to work on fundraising efforts for greenhouse project.
3. Discussed scab as the largest disease problem in the state in 2005.
4. Need for the malting barley program continues to grow.
5. Canola is an important commodity now with two biodiesel plants proposed.
6. Larry Lee is working on additional funding sources for the agricultural research fund.
7. NDAWN is important to ND producers and information needs to be gathered to continue support for the program.

Following his summary, Goerger made a motion that SBARE submit a letter to Vice President Coston expressing overwhelming support for the greenhouse project as shared by producers across the state.  Tom Borgen seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Eric Bartsch distributed a needs-based summary and results of a dry pea survey encouraging SBARE to consider needs of their industry.

Dave Lambert provided an overview of the work done in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics.  Lambert introduced faculty member, Eric DeVuyst, who shared an example of the research he conducts in the department - economics of gene testing.  George Flaskerud and Deb Pankow completed the briefing by sharing summaries of the work they do in farm and family economics.

Following a lunch break, the group reconvened and Carol Goodman reported on the Aother@ committee activities, encouraging SBARE members to review President Chapman=s State of the University address.

Goodman stated that the challenge is to move forward as an integrated system, noting that many good things have happened in the past ten years, but North Dakota has changed.  She said SBARE needs to address all needs and evaluate how the budget is built.  She stated that the board has learned a lot through the budget building processes in the past and it will be important to make sure a fair biennial budget request is put together.

Jerry Doan added that indeed every budget process is different, noting that the Legislature did address the priorities presented by SBARE.  He said he feels strongly that research and Extension budget requests should not be separate and that SBARE needs to design a better, more integrated presentation.  He also stressed the need to do a better job of looking at the big picture in terms of overall programs.

Randy Christmann indicated that the vast majority of legislators look at SBARE as a valuable tool, but they have the authority to allocate funds as they see needs even if it is not exactly as presented by the board.

Ole Aarsvold added that it is easy to talk about and sell research needs, but Extension becomes more difficult because some legislators think schools, churches, etc. take on more of those same responsibilities.

Jerry Effertz stated that SBARE needs to get past the thought that if it is not about crops or livestock, you don=t get heard.  He asked board members if they would be willing to spend an entire day debating the issue.  He asked Vice President Coston to work on a proposal, possibly using a facilitator to address the issue, and present it at the next meeting.

Jerry Doan said if you are going to use a facilitator you need to determine what it is you are wanting or nothing is accomplished.

Duane Hauck said it is important to determine who the audience is for agriculture research and Extension programs and he encouraged the group to take time to discuss the needs using an outside facilitator.

Bruce Bollinger reviewed the budget timeline with board members and stressed the need to begin thinking about the plan for the next budget request.  Bollinger introduced Celeste Kubasta, budget analyst with the Office of Management and Budget, and she said she would like to visit with the board at their next meeting.

A listing of review committees for the Agricultural Research Fund was presented for review.  Edd Goerger made a motion to approve the committees as presented.  Paul Langseth seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Ole Aarsvold told SBARE members that he had followed up with the Attorney General=s office regarding the concerns over term limits and related questions.  He was told that the analysis presented by Pat Seaworth would be supported.  Jerry Doan suggested getting a letter from the Attorney General=s Office and Aarsvold said he would work to get an Aofficial@ letter.

Board members were updated as follows on four capital projects:
1. Streeter has raised $10,000 of the $80,000 needed to begin work on their new headquarters building.
2. Williston has received bids for their building project, but all came in too high.  The project will be scaled back to stay within the budget.
3. The seed warehouse and agronomy lab/greenhouse at North Central Research Extension Center is progressing and the former director=s residence was razed September 13.
4. Dickinson project is moving forward and they are hoping for a spring ribbon cutting ceremony.

D.C. Coston stated he had attended the North Dakota Stockmen=s Convention last month and there were positive remarks on the beef systems project.

Jerry Doan reminded SBARE that the recently formed independent cattlemen=s group should not be excluded from information sharing and gathering as the group is growing rapidly.

Jerry Effertz asked D.C. Coston, Ken Grafton and Duane Hauck to visit about a Atown hall meeting@ series and present their suggestions at the next meeting, which will be November 29 at the Carrington Research Extension Center.

Ken Grafton announced that the interim ag committee will be on campus November 17 to visit and tour the greenhouse and lab facilities. Grafton invited members of SBARE to join the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson


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