State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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June 23, 2005, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes – June 23, 2005
NDSU Alumni Center – Fargo, ND

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met in the Reimers Room at the NDSU Alumni Center beginning at 9:00 a.m. on June 23, 2005. Members present: Tom Archbold, John Bollingberg, D.C. Coston, Jerry Doan, Jerry Effertz, Ed Goerger, Carol Goodman, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Rodney Howe, and Burdell Johnson.

Chairman Tom Archbold called the meeting to order and introduced NDSU’s new Vice President for Agriculture and University Extension, D.C. Coston. Coston told SBARE members he was pleased to be part of such a great organization, thanked everyone for the very warm welcome he has received, and indicated he plans to spend a lot of time getting out and meeting people.

Minutes of the May 3, 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.

Archbold told board members that President Chapman informed him that D.C. Coston will be the President’s designee with SBARE.

Ken Grafton gave a research update that included:

  1. The Dickinson building project is moving ahead.
  2. The crops look good in western ND with significant rainfall.
  3. Three program reviewers from the National Science Foundation (NSF) visited NDSU recently and were very excited about happenings at NDSU.
  4. Plans are moving forward with the agronomy lab at the North Central Research Extension Center in Minot. The building is scheduled for demolition, but some individuals from the State Historical Society are interested in saving the building.
  5. Paul Nyren has been successful in securing some required matching funds for new construction at Streeter.
  6. Initial contacts have been made with Gary Lemme, Dean of Agriculture at SDSU, and he is excited about possible collaborations with NDSU.

Duane Hauck briefed SBARE on the following extension activities:

  1. Growing conditions have been good in western ND although other areas of the state are too wet.
  2. Karen Zotz has resigned from NDSU and has accepted a position at Purdue University beginning August 1.
  3. Recruitment is in process for a sheep specialist.
  4. There are vacancies for an extension specialist in science and technology and a child and adolescent specialist, but only the science and technology position will be filled at this time due to funding.
  5. The 4-H caucus concept continues to grow and is working well.
  6. Research Extension Fall Conference is scheduled for October 24-27 and SBARE members are invited to participate.

Jerry Effertz noted that there are currently interim chairs in the departments of animal and range sciences and cereal science. Ken Grafton added that he is in the process of selecting an interim in the Soil Science Department, as well, since Jimmie Richardson will be leaving NDSU in mid-July.

Per Chairman Archbold’s suggestion, Burdell Johnson made a motion, seconded by Jerry Doan, to send a letter to Karen Zotz congratulating her on her new position and thanking her for her years of outstanding service to the people of North Dakota and NDSU. The motion passed unanimously.

Burdell Johnson introduced Ken Odde and he presented a summary of the work being done for the Beef Systems Center of Excellence. At the conclusion of the presentation, Tom Archbold cautioned SBARE about the importance of securing a private partner to help fund the center and he added that members of the Legislature will be anxious to hear about progress when they convene in 2007.

Carol Goodman told board members that as new SBARE subcommittee assignments are determined, it is important to focus on the work of the "other" committee and establish an appropriate name to identify the group.

Tom Archbold talked about the ARF contract for administrative services currently held by the North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperatives in Mandan and their proposed hourly rate increase. He has visited with Lori Capouch, the fund administrator, and talked about whether SBARE should continue this arrangement or consider a permanent position that could assist with other NDSU agriculture administrative duties. All were very supportive of Capouch and the excellent work she has done, but remain cautious about the best use of resources.

Jerry Effertz made a motion to enter into the contract with the Rural Electric Cooperative as presented. John Bollingberg seconded the motion. Following discussion and hearing concerns about the $50,000 maximum for administrative costs, Effertz and Bollingberg withdrew the motion.

Jerry Effertz made a motion that the SBARE executive committee meet with ag administrators to review the contract, discuss the increase and come to the next meeting with a proposal. The motion failed for lack of a second.

Lori Capouch was contacted by phone and asked if the REC would be okay with inserting language in the contract stating that the allowed administrative expenses could not exceed 10% of the revenue generated or a maximum dollar amount.

John Bollingberg made a motion to insert into the contract the legislative language that references the allowance of up to 10% of the ARF proceeds for administrative expenses. Ed Goerger seconded the motion. Rod asked to amend the motion to include the language of the law and add a cap of $40,000. All favored the motion with the exception of Jerry Effertz who was opposed.

Following discussion about the importance of a termination clause in the contract, Burdell Johnson made a motion to add a termination clause of sixty days available to either contract party. Jerry Doan seconded the motion which passed with Jerry Effertz abstaining.

SBARE members once again discussed the need to increase the funding source for the Agricultural Research Fund. Tom Archbold noted that the issue has been discussed often with no positive results.

Jerry Doan reported that the nominating committee recommended Jerry Effertz as chair and Rod Howe as vice chair. The committee also suggested the board request clarification on the law changes regarding SBARE terms. There are questions regarding when the changes in the law take effect, how it impacts new members, and if current members would be eligible to serve additional terms.

John Bollingberg made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot in support of Jerry Effertz as chair. The motion was seconded by Ed Goerger and passed.

John Bollingberg made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot in support of Rodney Howe as vice-chair. The motion was seconded by Carol Goodman and passed.

Jerry Doan made a motion that the new chair do some research to get clarification of the law regarding SBARE terms. Ed Goerger seconded the motion, which passed.

Goerger indicated that he was concerned about the lack of commitment from some SBARE members and the board talked about a mandatory meeting policy. Archbold reminded members that this issue had been discussed in the past and Roger Johnson then told the board that a mandatory meeting policy would be very difficult to enforce.

Archbold presented a recommendation from the SBARE executive committee for distribution of allocated operating money as follows: $84,000 to research extension centers to help defer information technology costs; $66,000 to NDSU Extension Service; and $50,000 to AES main station to establish a revolving equipment pool.

Jerry Effertz made a motion to accept the proposed recommendation and the motion was seconded by Ed Goerger.

Jerry Doan reminded the board to be careful with the flexibility the Legislature has given SBARE and asked about more specific use of the money allocated to the NDSU Extension Service.

Duane Hauck responded by saying that extension has a single line budget that covers payroll, operating and equipment. Extension would like to continue to support specialists to travel in the state at the same level as they have been.

Arcbhold suggested having something on record if questions arise about the use of the operating funds.

Following discussion, the motion passed.

Ken Grafton reported that he has appointed Rich Horsley, professor of plant sciences, to chair a greenhouse committee. The group will be meeting with the Development Foundation to discuss fundraising for the project and whether it is acceptable to hire an independent fund raiser.

Duane Hauck told SBARE members that he hopes to have an opportunity in the future to discuss extension programming and how SBARE can represent extension and research. He added that the discussion should include conversations about the missions of research and extension.

Jerry Effertz thanked members for their confidence in electing him SBARE chair. He indicated that his goal is to visit all research extension centers over the next 18 months. He suggested that to grow relationships with producers and commodity groups SBARE members must be involved, so he plans to schedule SBARE meetings at least once a month. Effertz asked members to let him know which SBARE subcommittees they would like to serve with and he plans to make the appointments.

Effertz noted the following dates for members to add to their calendar:

  1. July 14 - Williston Field Day. July 15 - SBARE meeting in Minot, followed by the Minot Board of Visitors meeting.
  2. September 27 - SBARE in Carrington
  3. October 24-28 is the Research Extension Fall Conference at the Doublewood in Fargo and possible SBARE meeting.

Duane Hauck and Ken Grafton recognized and thanked Tom Archbold and Burdell Johnson for their service to SBARE as this was their last meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Recorded by Margaret Olson

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