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January 27, 2004, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
utes - January 27, 2004
NDSU Memorial Union- Fargo, ND

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met in the Peace Garden room at the NDSU Memorial Union on January 27, 2004 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Members present were Tom Archbold, Tom Borgen, Randel Christmann, Jerry Effertz, Ed Goerger, Carol Goodman, Ken Grafton, Duane Hauck, Maynard Helgaas, Patricia Jensen, Vern Mayer, and Jeff Weispfenning (for Roger Johnson).

Chairman Tom Archbold called the meeting to order. He welcomed the group and asked for introductions.

Following discussion to clarify a statement relating to SBARE subcommittees, Vern Mayer made a motion to approve the November 25, 2003 minutes as amended. Tom Borgen seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Patricia Jensen talked with SBARE about the federal earmarks approved by Congress and said she was very pleased with the funding received for NDSU agriculture.

Ken Grafton provided the following update:

  • A seven acre permanent easement will be provided at the Agronomy Seed Farm, Casselton, to allow a road to be constructed for the nearby AGP Elevator Company. Proceeds will be used to purchase comparable replacement land near Casselton or Prosper.
  • A committee is working on a strategic plan for the agricultural experiment station and they hope to have a draft completed by mid-June.
  • Budgeting input visits with commodity groups have been positive, but there are many serious concerns about funding.
  • Work continues with Vice President Boudjouk in development of Center of Excellence for Genetics.
  • Department of Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences is recruiting for three vacant faculty positions, Animal and Range Sciences is recruiting for Tilton replacement and Plant Pathology is recruiting for a plant epidemiologist.
  • NCI feedmill boiler needs replacement and cost is approximately $25,000.
  • Mary-Anne Fiebig has been hired to help publicize NDSU agriculture.

Duane Hauck reported:

  • The NDSU Extension Service continues to work on relationships with counties to maintain funding support.
  • Multicounty program units 7-8 are seeking applicants for SBARE, to replace Maynard Helgaas, whose term expires June 30, 2004.
  • SBARE members are invited to participate in the Extension Spring Conference in Bismarck on March 30-April 2, 2004.
  • The State Board of Higher Education has approved the Center for Community Vitality.

Tom Archbold raised questions about the process for replacing multicounty program representatives to SBARE and stressed the importance of complying with legislative language and intent.

Doug Freeman provided a report on madcow disease. Randy Christmann said that he has been very impressed and appreciative of the rapid response by NDSU faculty and staff, noting that the information was accurate and complete.

Lori Capouch provided a list of Agricultural Research Fund Granting committee members. She said she has contacted Ray Berntson and he has agreed to serve with the flax committee. Carol Goodman made a motion to approve the makeup of the flax committee and Jerry Effertz seconded the motion, which passed.

In finalizing the makeup of SBARE subcommittees, Chairman Archbold asked Carol Goodman to chair the extension/human capacity committee and she agreed. Archbold named the SBARE livestock subcommittee: Jerry Doan, Jerry Effertz and Burdell Johnson, chair. He named Vern Mayer, Tom Borgen, Neal Fisher and Ed Goerger, chair, to serve on the crops subcommittee.

Archbold requested nominations for vice-chair of the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education. Tom Borgen nominated Jerry Effertz and Maynard Helgaas moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Effertz. Ed Goerger seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Board members talked about the transition of SBARE chair and Archbold reminded board members that they had not approved the recommendation from the policy subcommittee suggesting the vice-chair automatically assumes the role of chair.

Patricia Jensen talked about a new software system that will be implemented by North Dakota state agencies and the North Dakota University System. To help facilitate the implementation of the software, the University System has proposed a 15-day pay lag. Although Governor Hoeven ordered no lag for state employees, the University System office intends to proceed with their original plan for employees in higher education. Following the discussion, Jerry Effertz made a motion that SBARE go on record in support of NDSU agriculture employees being treated the same as employees of state agencies, as ordered by Governor Hoeven. Maynard Helgaas seconded the motion. Following discussion, Tom Borgen moved to table the motion until further information about the implementation and associated costs become available. Carol Goodman seconded that motion which passed with Jerry Effertz and Maynard Helgaas opposed.

Tim Bryan, Bowbells, and Jay Fisher, director of the North Central Research Extension Center at Minot, shared information about the need for a new agronomy research lab at the NC Center. They said they are planning a capital campaign and intend to raise all the necessary building funds from private sources.

Vice President Jensen reminded board members that SBARE has gone on record "in support of a concept" in the past, but she stressed that there is an approval process that needs to be complied with and SBARE's support of this concept would only be a step in that process. She also noted that she has visited with President Chapman and he is supportive of the idea as well, but she will need to get procedural details before moving ahead.

Jerry Effertz made a motion to support the concept of building an agronomy research lab facility at the North Central Research Extension Center. The motion was seconded by Carol Goodman and passed.

Todd Leake, representing the Dakota Resource Council, appeared at the meeting to voice concern regarding issues surrounding genetic contamination. He stated that the council made a request to SBARE over two years ago and the council does not feel SBARE has responded appropriately.

Ken Grafton stated that NDSU agriculture has protocols in place that meet or exceed federal requirements.

Leake responded that there changes taking place in federal guidelines and he and his group feel it is SBARE's responsibility (by law) to stay on top of the issues and respond accordingly.

Following lunch, the board reconvened and Patricia Jensen introduced Tim Sellnow and Steven Venette, from the NDSU Department of Communication. They provided information on their backgrounds and the experiences they have had with strategic planning and visioning. Because SBARE is discussing creation of a mission statement and they need to provide legislators with a visioning plan for the future of agriculture, Jensen invited them to talk with SBARE to determine if they could help in the process.

Duane Hauck stated both the ND Agricultural Experiment Station and the NDSU Extension Service are currently going through planning processes and it would be helpful to have those plans in place before another process begins.

Tom Archbold thanked Tim and Steve for sharing their insight and for offering to facilitate a process, indicating it is likely SBARE would eventually take them up on their offer.

Ken Grafton and Duane Hauck talked about structuring ag's budget request based on two themes - "21st Century Agriculture, a Food Systems Approach" and "Rural Community Vitality and Economic Development." Board members generally supported the theme approach and Carol Goodman noted it would be easier to address questions if the information is packaged and presented clearly. With the board's support, ag administrators agreed to take the concept and add subthemes, goals and dollar amounts.

The board discussed funding needs for information technology and the impact of the reduction in funding for IT during the last legislative session. Effertz stressed the importance of technology to rural development and economic development in North Dakota. Bruce Bollinger added that the implementation of the new People Soft program will also have a huge impact on the IT budget.

Ken Grafton distributed a list of capital project needs for NDSU agriculture and discussed some high priority projects. Chairman Archbold asked SBARE members to review that list of needs and come to the February SBARE meeting prepared to recommend priorities. He added that the entire agenda for the next board meeting would be devoted to discussion on capital projects and work on the agriculture budget request.

Duane Hauck shared a proposed schedule for "town hall" meetings that he and Ken Grafton plan to arrange. The purpose of the meetings would be to discuss agriculture issues with constituents across the state and to solicit their input/suggestions. Jerry Effertz suggested that Patricia Jensen's calendar be considered in the scheduling and stressed that her participation in the meetings would be very important.

Prior to adjournment at 4:10 p.m, Carol Goodman informed the board that the dedication of the Langdon Learning Center is scheduled for April 16.

Recorded by Margaret Olson

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