State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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April 20, 2004, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Conference Call
Minutes - April 20, 2004
Morrill 313, NDSU Campus - Fargo, ND


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met via conference call originating in Morrill Hall at NDSU in Fargo, ND beginning at 10:00 a.m. on April 20, 2004.  Members participating were Ole Aarsvold, Tom Archbold, Tom Borgen, Randy Christmann, Jerry Doan, Jerry Effertz, Neal Fisher, Ed Goerger, Carol Goodman, Maynard Helgaas, Duane Hauck, Patricia Jensen,  Burdell Johnson, Ken Grafton and Jeff Weispfenning (for Roger Johnson).

Chairman Archbold stated the purpose of the call was to clarify and answer questions relating to the needs-based priority list approved by SBARE at the March 31 meeting.

Before the budget discussion, Patricia Jensen asked to make the following two points:

  1. Discussions are ongoing with President Chapman (NDSU) and President Vickers (DSU) about the best location for the new building at Dickinson – either on land at the Dickinson Research Extension Center or at Dickinson State University.  Board members asked questions and discussed the pros and cons of both locations, but did not support a recommendation either way.  Ole Aarsvold agreed to share their thoughts at a Legislative Council meeting later in the week.
  2. The NDAWN project was not included in the list of priority requests and the federal earmark providing support will expire in 2005.  Patricia Jensen suggested that because the program is critical to producers and there is a strong commitment, SBARE should soon have discussions about support for NDAWN.

Chairman Archbold explained to board members why on the prioritized list of needs, their number one priority was actually listed as number two, noting that the “costs to continue” must be built into the budget as the first priority and that was assumed to have been understood at the March SBARE meeting.

Neal Fisher added that although there appeared to be more prioritized needs listed than were acted on by the board, breakouts were included for clarification.

Duane Hauck asked if it would be SBARE’s intent to deal with the extension and research budgets separately or as a total request.  Ed Goerger reminded SBARE members that he had expressed concern about separate budgets and equity at the March meeting.

Patricia Jensen told the board to remember that the budget priorities are presented, but the Legislative Appropriations Committee gives flexibility, allowing adjustments to address changing needs.

Duane Hauck told SBARE members that if there is an increase in the budget, he hopes extension will be considered.

Tom Archbold reminded those in attendance that most of the rankings in the priority list were passed by unanimous vote of the board.

Duane Hauck explained that the extension/human capacity subcommittee pressed the group to add the “educational program design” piece to the “increased research support staff” initiative to ensure that extension was included for some funding.

Jerry Doan reminded board members that the North Dakota Legislature and OMB have been very good about flexibility and the initial prioritization is only part of the process.  He said SBARE will take another look at the priority list when it is known how much money is available.  He stressed the importance of considering the overall package to do the best for the producer.

Ken Grafton supported Doan’s statements, indicating that was how the process worked during the last session and agriculture was successful in getting reasonable proportions.

Carol Goodman expressed appreciation for the explanations and added that it will be important to take another look at priority needs when the final dollar amounts become available.

Ole Aarsvold reminded board members to consider all needs, saying the process is a long one, and the goal is to maintain a reasonable balance for research and extension.

Duane Hauck indicated that he, Ken Grafton, Jim Swank and Tom Archbold attended the Legislative Council Budget Section meeting in Bismarck on April 13.  Hauck told board members the meeting went well.  He said Tom Archbold made the SBARE presentation and did an excellent job, there were good comments, and the presentation was well received.

Randy Christmann noted a correction to the March 30-31 meeting minutes stating the last sentence in the sixth paragraph on the first page should read “... and if North Dakota does not provide support, the industry will go elsewhere.”  Burdell Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes with that correction.  Neal Fisher seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Before the conference call adjourned at 11:00, Tom Archbold and Bruce Bollinger explained that the unranked themes listed at the bottom of the ranked priority list will be included in the total dollar request for OMB.

Recorded by Margaret Olson

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