State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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November 25, 2003, Streeter

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - November 25, 2003
Central Grasslands Research Extension Center - Streeter, ND

The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at the Central Grasslands Research Extension Center near Streeter, ND on November 25, 2003 beginning at 10:00 a.m. Members present were Ole Aarsvold, Sharon Anderson, Tom Archbold, Keith Bjerke (for Joseph Chapman), Jerry Doan, Jerry Effertz, Neal Fisher, Ed Goerger, Carol Goodman, Ken Grafton, Maynard Helgaas, Burdell Johnson, and Vern Mayer.

Chairman Doan called the meeting to order and made introductions. He welcomed the group to Streeter and thanked Paul Nyren and his staff for hosting the meeting and providing a tour of facilities. Doan extended sympathy to the Erbele family on the death of their grandson (Carol is an employee of the research extension center) and to Patricia Jensen on the death of her mother.

Sharon Anderson gave a status report on the Rural Leadership North Dakota program. She stated that Marie Hvidsten is the director of the program and the class had its first session November 20-22 in Carrington. Maynard Helgaas said he participated in that meeting and was pleased with the program process, stressing the need for a cultural change to maintain North Dakota's survival. Keith Bjerke said he also attended the session and noted the diverse and geographic representation. Anderson told SBARE that President Chapman would not be able to continue funding the program and that those involved with the program are looking at ways to support the program in the future.

Jerry Effertz told board members that he has been visiting the research extension centers in North Dakota to learn more about them and said the visits have been very informative.

Ken Grafton reported on the Beef Center for Excellence. He stated that the Forum recently published a positive story about NDSU's plans for opening a plant in West Fargo. Grafton distributed a report prepared by Ken Odde, head of the animal and ranges sciences department. The North Dakota Beef Commission, North Dakota Barley Council, and the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council have been contacted about funding.

Carol Goodman told SBARE members about a Canadian swine project being proposed in northeast North Dakota. Individuals from the Langdon area are talking with the Governor's office about an animal agriculture summit.

Sharon Anderson reported that a proposal for a Center for Community Vitality has been submitted and they are waiting for State Board of Higher Education approval. Plans are for the center to connect community economic development and leadership within North Dakota, under the leadership of Kathy Tweeten.

Jerry Doan indicated there were some adjustments necessary with the Agricultural Research Fund granting committees.

Neal Fisher made a motion, seconded by Ed Goerger, to approve the ARF New and Emerging Crops granting committee as follows: Mike Youngs, Roseglen; Steve Knorr, Sawyer; Steve Enger, Hatton; Jeff Knox, Ray; Blaine Schatz, Al Schneiter and Ken Grafton, NDSU. Following discussion, a suggestion was made to also add Bob Landman, Northwood, to the committee. The motion passed.

Chairman Doan reported that Stan Melroe was added to the ARF Animal Agriculture granting committee, representing the North Dakota Stockmen's Association.

Board members discussed the benefits of including the hay proposals for review by the Animal Agriculture granting committee and whether there should be a separate committee. It was noted that a 25% match is required for hay proposals no matter which committee reviews proposals.

Ole Aarsvold made a motion, seconded by Neal Fisher, to add an additional hay producer to the Animal Agriculture committee. Following discussion, it was determined that the current committee was functioning well and the motion was withdrawn.

Doan discussed the need to establish a committee to evaluate flax proposals, since flax is currently included in the category of North Dakota commodities with gross sales over 2%. Ed Goerger and Carol Goodman agreed to bring recommendations to the next meeting.

Sharon Anderson and Ken Grafton talked about the budget and stressed the importance of the "costs to continue." They also noted that some livestock positions have been eliminated due to legislative cuts and there are several ongoing department chair searches adding to funding problems.

Chairman Jerry Doan explained the budget process for benefit of new members. He stated that now is the time that SBARE begins the budget building procedure that carries into the next legislative session. He summarized the previous budget process, as follows:

  • SBARE establishes a timeline and agenda for budget process.
  • Faculty and administrators participate in meetings to share information on current programs and present new ideas and program initiatives.
  • SBARE meets with producer groups and stakeholders to gather input regarding needs for agriculture in North Dakota.
  • SBARE subcommittees meet to discuss the information gathered from producers and faculty and develop a plan to be presented to full board.
  • SBARE reviews subcommittee reports and discusses recommended changes.
  • SBARE continues to work on priorities, following directives and guidelines from the governor's office, the Office of Management and Budget, the State Board of Higher Education, and NDSU President.
  • SBARE presents budget recommendation to State Board of Higher Education.
  • SBARE presents budget plan to Office of Management and Budget.
  • Meetings are held with OMB or governor's office if necessary to work out details for the executive budget.
  • Present the budget and priorities to the originating house of the Legislature.
  • Participate in follow-up meetings with the originating house subcommittees.
  • Present the budget and priorities to the other house of the Legislature.
  • Participate in follow-up meetings with other house subcommittees.
  • Meet with conference committee to work out any differences.

During this budgeting process, SBARE is often asked to meet with the Agriculture Standing Committee of the Legislature. SBARE speaks about agriculture often throughout the session with legislators and legislative leaders. Updates from SBARE to the interim legislative committees and to the Legislature are required if changes come up.

Doan said the process is complex and communication is critical if SBARE is to succeed in its mission to set research and extension priorities. In discussion that followed, Ole Aarsvold noted that SBARE needs to move slowly and use a thoughtful process and Ken Solberg recommended the development of a long-range plan for research and extension.

Chairman Doan presented Sharon Anderson a retirement gift on behalf of SBARE. He commended her on her years of service and hard work on behalf of North Dakota agriculture.

Doan distributed a summary of the policy changes adopted at the last SBARE meeting and Tom Archbold led a discussion regarding the proposed policy changes that were not approved. He reminded members that the meeting minutes are posted on the SBARE website so they can review past SBARE actions. Archbold discussed the committee recommendation to automatically advance the vice chair to the chair position and the structure of the SBARE subcommittees.

Following the discussion, Neal Fisher made a motion to approve the structure of an executive committee, including the immediate past chair, the chair, and the vice chair.   Other subcommittees, include the livestock subcommittee, crops subcommittee, "other" subcommittee and long-range planning subcommittee.  Maynard Helgaas seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Chairman Doan reminded board members that last year he had asked the SBARE policy committee (Tom Archbold, Tim Bryan and Neal Fisher) to act as a nominating committee for transition of SBARE chair. Doan said that the group recommended that he (Doan) continue as chair for one more year and the elected vice chair would assume the position following that time.

Doan reflected on the past six years of SBARE's existence and his role as chair. He said he is very proud of SBARE's many accomplishments and assumes they will carry through for years to come, allowing the board to continue its work for North Dakota agriculture. He noted that members have worked hard to establish policies to keep SBARE successful and to continue to help improve research and extension for North Dakotans. Doan thanked board members for the opportunity to serve as chair of SBARE through three sessions and noted that role followed three sessions he had served as chair of the Ag Coalition. He stated being chair of SBARE was a very rewarding experience, although most challenging. He indicated he has attended a countless number of meetings, spent hundreds of hours on the phone, and driven many, many miles for SBARE business. He stressed that he has not always made everyone happy, but said he always worked for the good of NDSU and North Dakota agriculture, and that he is committed and feels strongly that SBARE has, and will continue to make a difference. He recommended the board elect a new chair and said he would like to serve SBARE as a member of the executive committee.

Nominations were open for chair. Neal Fisher nominated Tom Archbold. No further nominations were received. Maynard Helgaas made a motion to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Tom Archbold. Ed Goerger seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Following a lunch and introduction of Central Grasslands staff, the meeting reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

Speaking on behalf of SBARE, Neal Fisher and Burdell Johnson expressed appreciation to Jerry Doan for his years of leadership and commitment to SBARE. Ole Aarsvold expressed thanks on behalf of the Legislature and Sharon Anderson added thanks on behalf NDSU research and extension.

Nominations were opened for vice chair. The board discussed waiting until the next meeting and asked Tom Archbold and Neal Fisher to bring a recommendation for vice chair to the next meeting. On a vote of six to five, that recommendation will be followed.

Tom Archbold asked to amend the minutes of the September 29 meeting by adding "immediate" to past chair for the executive committee makeup. Vern Mayer made the motion to approve as amended. The motion was seconded by Ed Goerger and unanimously approved.

Ken Grafton informed board members that an Interim Legislative Committee meeting/presentation was held on campus December 18 to discuss budget needs.

Grafton shared information about an incident involving delivery of a fumigant to campus. It was delivered to Loftsgard Hall with a damaged pallet and could have been extremely serious, affecting faculty and students. Grafton said there needs to be a central location for delivering and storing all hazardous materials on campus. There has been a suggestion that NDSU take the issue to the Legislature as there would need to be a large facility used not just for agriculture, but also chemistry and pharmacy, and possibly others.

Neal Fisher stated that durum growers are concerned about the Cereal and Food Sciences Department at NDSU. He noted that there are only two such departments in the United States - North Dakota and Kansas. He stressed the importance of wheat as a commodity in North Dakota. Ken Grafton indicated that the campus department will likely be resurrected and a long-range plan needs to be developed for the future.

Jerry Effertz asked if agriculture is working with a 95% budget directive and Chairman Doan explained that we will not know that until the governor shares his guidelines. Doan added that it is best for SBARE to look at priorities and programs early in the budget process and work the numbers after the state budget situation is known.

Duane Hauck told SBARE that he and Ken Grafton are planning to schedule "Town Hall" meetings to talk with constituents around the state about agricultural programs and needs.

When Chairman Doan asked for input from guests and commodity groups in attendance, Ken Solberg stated that there is a tremendous amount of wealth created through animal agriculture and it is important to share that information. He continued saying the Carrington feedlot has enormous potential and long-range planning is needed. He noted that there are cow herds, not only in Carrington, but also at Dickinson and Hettinger Research Extension Centers. He stated that they need to work together to redirect research, provide source verification, and pool resources. Solberg said the Beef Center for Excellence is a great idea and the North Dakota Stockmen's Association supports it and status quo is not acceptable.

Blaine Schatz, director of the Carrington Research Extension Center, responded by saying that the Carrington Research Extension Center has made program changes over the years and does cooperate with other centers like Dickinson and Hettinger.

Tom Archbold referred to a September 26, 2000 letter from the Stockmen's Association supporting the goals of research. He also noted that SBARE voted unanimously to support Carrington's feedlot research. Solberg agreed to provide, in writing, a plan for specific research needed.

Nick Sinner, executive director for the North Dakota Barley Council, reported that the Barley Council and NDAES are working to create an Institute of Malting and Barley Sciences. Sinner said he has received support for the center concept from all over the nation.

The business meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m. Following the meeting, Paul Nyren gave a presentation covering the work of the Central Grasslands Research Extension Center and future plans. A facilities tour followed for interested participants.

Recorded by Lucy Radke

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