State Board of Agricultural Research and Education


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September 24, 2001, Fargo

State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
Minutes - September 24, 2001
Loftsgard Hall - NDSU campus, Fargo, ND


The State Board of Agricultural Research and Education met at 1:15 p.m., September 24, 2001, in Loftsgard Hall on the NDSU campus in Fargo. Members present were: Sharon Anderson, Tom Archbold, Keith Bjerke (for Joseph Chapman), Ryan Brooks, Jerry Doan, Patrice Eblen (for Roger Johnson), Neal Fisher, Carol Goodman, Jody Hauge, George Heller, Patricia Jensen, Burdell Johnson, Phillip Mueller, Kenneth Solberg, and Jim Venette.

SBARE Chair Jerry Doan called the meeting to order and reviewed the minutes of the August 8 meeting. Minutes were corrected on page one, paragraph seven, to read Bjerke indicated that all groups signed last year's contract and asked to redraft next year's with negotiations to begin October 1. Ryan Brooks made a motion to approve the corrected minutes and Jim Venette seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The meeting agenda was modified to allow time for input and discussion with Jim Broten, Allan Skogen, John Mittleider and Lance Hagen, representing North Dakota's barley industry. Referring to legislation in SB2021, Jim Broten stated that he understood the legislature intended $288,000 be spent on barley research to benefit western North Dakota. Allan Skogen and Lance Hagen reiterated that they, too, understood $288,000 would be used for barley research in western North Dakota and were troubled to learn that may not happen.

Richard Horsley, professor of plant sciences and coordinator for NDSU's barley efforts, stated he has arranged a meeting to discuss barley research currently being done and talk over what is planned for the future. Following that meeting in October, more information will be available for planning.

Patricia Jensen stated that she feels this is a critical research area and assured the barley representatives that their requests will be taken seriously.

Jerry Doan asked barley representatives to provide specific issues to be addressed and stressed the importance of keeping communication open between producers and SBARE.

Following discussion regarding current NDSU funding dedicated to barley research, Bruce Bollinger, ag budget director, offered to meet with John Mittleider, Lance Hagen, Allan Skogen and Jim Broten to review budgets and discuss amounts and sources of funds currently directed to North Dakota barley research efforts. John Mittleider stated the offer was appreciated and that he hoped such a meeting would be arranged.

Doan restated the desire of SBARE to work with producers and producer groups. He noted the board would appreciate receiving specific concerns and suggestions from the individuals representing barley.

Patricia Jensen informed SBARE that the Nestle Company is donating a state-of-the-art durum mill to NDSU (valued at approximately 1½ million dollars). Elias Elias, professor in plant sciences, is the contact person for NDSU and will work with Nestle and NDSU administrators to get the mill moved to North Dakota.

Dave Franzen talked with SBARE about the extension crops plan of work and asked for approval to use the survey established and distributed by the SBARE crops subcommittee. The discussion was positive with the feeling that the use of the survey and the distribution efforts could be complementary.

Don Hanson updated the board on experiment station facilities projects, noting the need for State Board of Higher Education approval to proceed with the feedmill/feedlot project at Carrington and the agronomy seed/chemical storage facility at Dickinson.

Lori Capouch, administrator for the Ag Research Fund, asked SBARE for clarification regarding use of ARF funds for salaries. Following discussion, Jim Venette made a motion that SBARE allow use of ARF grant dollars for salaries if the following apply: not concurrent with present contract; not exceed 3/9 of salary for current year; proportionate to grant effort; not prohibited by co-sponsors (providing match); and not consistent with current policies. George Heller seconded the motion. Discussion followed with Sharon Anderson noting that she feels only a narrow group of faculty can benefit from the action. Jody Hauge stated she felt the research fund money was meant to be "seed money" for use in research and she was not in favor of using it for salary supplement. The motion was defeated when the vote was taken.

Based on a request at the August 7 SBARE meeting, the budget subcommittee made a recommendation to allocate $42,500 to capital improvement (repair) budget category. The subcommittee suggested that all units would benefit from the allocation. Phillip Mueller advised directing the money to barley research efforts and suggested waiting until after October 18, when a barley program planning meeting will be held in Dickinson with barley program coordinator Richard Horsley.

Sharon Anderson indicated 2002 is the 4-H centennial year. The goal is to gather good information from young people giving direction for the next century. President Chapman and Governor Hoeven will serve as honorary co-chairs of the North Dakota efforts.

Duane Hauck provided an overview of the extension funding sources and provided several examples of creativity used to balance budgets.

Karen Zotz addressed differences between extension and human service programs, pointing out that the Extension Service provides educational programs and the Department of Human Services provide services.

Sharon Anderson reported that J.W. Schroeder has worked very successfully with a dairy diagnostic program and is anxious to expand the program. She reported that efforts are very positive and it appears to be making a difference.

A value-added group was established during the legislative session with the objective being to find ways to connect groups that are working in the area of value-added. Jerry Doan and Duane Hauck serve on the board and they provided an update on the initial meeting.

Jerry Doan requested nominations for SBARE chair for the coming year. Neal Fisher nominated Doan. Ryan Brooks made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for Jerry Doan. Tom Archbold seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Ryan Brooks nominated Tim Bryan as SBARE vice chair. Jody Hauge made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for Tim Bryan. Burdell Johnson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Recorded by Margaret Olson

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